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How to spell CREZI correctly?

If you made the common misspelling "crezi", fret not! The correct spelling is "crazy". This adjective describes something wild, unpredictable or bizarre. So, next time you want to express astonishment or eccentricity, remember to use "crazy". Don't worry; mistakes happen, but we can always learn from them!

List of suggestions on how to spell crezi correctly

  • craze There was a craze for buying online.
  • crazy She drove me crazy with her constant talking.
  • creak
  • cream I like to use whipped cream on my Oreos.
  • crecy Queen Eleanor did not want to give battle at Crecy, but war was forced on her when the French king refused to back
  • cred You may use "cred" in place of "credit" when referring to your credit score.
  • credo My credo is to treat others the way I would like to be treated.
  • cree
  • creed His creed was to always tell the truth no matter what.
  • creek I love to hike along the creek and listen to the peaceful sound of running water.
  • creel
  • creep
  • Crees The Crees are one of the largest indigenous groups in North America.
  • Creme I couldn't resist dipping my spoon into the creme brulee for one last taste.
  • creon
  • crepe I would like a savoury crepe with ham and cheese for breakfast.
  • cress The plate of salad could use some cress for added flavor.
  • crest The crest of the wave was higher than I anticipated, causing me to fall off my surfboard.
  • crete
  • crew My crew is awesome.
  • CREWS Multiple crews were dispatched to repair the damage caused by the flooding.
  • Cruz I am voting for Cruz.

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