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How to spell CRIAGS correctly?

If you meant "Craig's", possible correct suggestions would be: "Craig's List", "Craig's brother" or "Craig's house". If you meant "craigs", possible correct suggestions would be "rocks" or "logs" (if you were referring to stacked or scattered stones or logs).

List of suggestions on how to spell criags correctly

  • brags My little brother always brags about his high score in his video game.
  • Briggs Briggs planned to retire at the age of seventy-five.
  • brigs The pirates sailed the brigs along the coast looking for a new place to plunder.
  • crabs I love cooking crabs.
  • crag The climber reached the top of the rocky crag and took in the stunning view.
  • crags The hiker climbed over the steep crags to reach the summit.
  • CRAMS I'm so tired of CRAMS.
  • craps
  • crass His crass behavior made everyone uncomfortable at the dinner party.
  • creaks
  • Cribs My little ones' cribs are extra roomy.
  • cricks I wish we had some cricks for the stew.
  • criers The criers in the courtroom were so distracting, I couldn't focus on the trial.
  • Cries
  • Crimes The victims' families have called for tough punishment for the perpetrators of the crimes.
  • cringes She cringes every time she hears someone use incorrect grammar.
  • cripes
  • Crises I have been going through a lot of personal crises lately.
  • crisis A financial crisis is looming.
  • croaks One of the frogs croaks.
  • Croats The Croats are a Southeast European ethnoreligious group.
  • curings Your hair needs to get curings.
  • drags He drags his feet when he's too tired to walk properly.
  • rags The homeless man was wearing torn and tattered rags.
  • RIGS The oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico continue to produce significant amounts of crude oil.
  • scrags The old tree by the river was full of scrags and provided a perfect perch for the eagles to hunt.

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