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How to spell CRICIS correctly?

The correct spelling of "cricis" is "crisis". Possible suggestions to correct this misspelling are to double-check the spelling with a dictionary or online search engine, sound out the word and compare it to similar words, and practice writing the correct spelling repeatedly. Additionally, using spell check and proofreading can help catch and correct spelling errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell cricis correctly

  • cracks The sun was shining and the cracks in the sidewalk were getting wider.
  • Cribs The baby room had two cribs for the twins.
  • cricks There are 144 cricks in a standard deck of playing cards.
  • criers
  • Cries
  • Crimes The crimes committed against this woman will remain until her abuser is brought to justice.
  • cripes
  • Crises The country faced multiple crises that required immediate attention from government officials.
  • crisis The country is facing an economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • CRISPS She loved to eat crisps with her tea.
  • crocks My grandma owned a whole collection of vintage crocks to store her pickled vegetables.
  • crocus The crocus was the first flower to bloom in my garden this spring.
  • precis I asked my professor for a precis of the article we were assigned to read.
  • Prices Inflation is causing food prices to increase.

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