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How to spell CRONIC correctly?

If you have misspelled "cronic", here are some correct suggestions to consider. First, you might have meant "chronic", which refers to a long-lasting condition. Secondly, it could be "cronic", a potential typo, for "chronic", the same meaning as above. Always double-check and select the suitable term to ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell cronic correctly

  • bronc The cowboy tried to ride the bucking bronc in the rodeo, but was thrown off within seconds.
  • Byronic The protagonist in the novel was a brooding, Byronic figure who relied on his charm to navigate through life.
  • chronic My grandma has been dealing with chronic arthritis pain for years.
  • clinic
  • conic A conic is a mathematical curve that is composed of a constant degree of curvature, known as the major axis, and
  • critic The critic's review of the movie was scathing.
  • crone An old crone that lived on the edge of town was said to have magical powers.
  • crones The tales of crones and witches haunted the children's dreams.
  • Cronies It's time to cut the cord and get rid of the cronies who keep us hooked on cable TV.
  • cronus The first of Kronus' six children, Cronus ate his father's genitals.
  • crony I refuse to let anyone be my crony.
  • irenic She was kind and gentle, and her irenic nature was a refreshing change.
  • ironic
  • moronic It was a moronic decision to go swimming in the frigid water.
  • runic The wizard inscribed the ancient incantation using runic characters.

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