How to spell CRREK correctly?

We think the word crrek is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell crrek correctly

  • care "All right; I don't care if you do....
  • caret
  • carrel I have a carrel at the library where I work.
  • clerk
  • core Core programming skills are essential for any developer.
  • cork I found a cork in the wine bottle.
  • crag A craggy outcropping juts out of the mountain.
  • crank That old car's a crank.
  • creak I heard a very loud creak from upstairs.
  • creaky
  • cred I can't believe you actually believe that crap.
  • cree He had always been a huge fan of the Cree tribe and the culture.
  • creed My Creed is to help others whenever I can.
  • creek The creek gurgled in the canyon.
  • creel I checked my creel for arrows.
  • creep Mommy, why is there a creep in my room at night?
  • crew The crew of the ship cheered as they saw the boat come into view.
  • crick I heard a crick a few minutes ago.
  • crier A crier was announced.
  • croak Ew, that frog is croaking!
  • croaky Tom's voice was croaky from all the shouting.
  • crock I can see the sun setting from my front porch and it's unmatched beauty crocks my heart.
  • crook I was handsome until I got a Crook in my hair.
  • cruel
  • cruet We found a cruet with the liquor.
  • cure Jeff is trying to cure hishangover with some aspirin.
  • cured
  • greek
  • grieg The music was so Grieg that I almost felt like I was in Norway
  • reek The smell of smoke was overpowering, and it seemed to leek through the pristine air.
  • trek
  • Cared
  • corer I need to corer out this lump.
  • Capek
  • Creeks Preserved wetlands are important in the Creek's watershed.
  • Crees I'm going to Crees for dinner tonight.
  • Cried After the sad news, she cried for hours.
  • Cries In her bedroom, the woman cries silently until she falls asleep.
  • Curer
  • Corey
  • Craig
  • Derek My best friend Derek always cheers me up.
  • Carey My aunt is married to a Carey.
  • Greg
  • cares I care about how my clothes look.
  • cures The cure for the common cold is hot drinks and cuddles.
  • cores She enjoyed playing the piano and hearing the sound of the strings resonate through her cores.
  • GROK
  • CARER The carer was discharged after spending weeks in the hospital.
  • cored
  • Shrek The ogre Shrek searched for his lost swamp with the help of his sidekick Fiona.
  • crack I'm desperate for a crack of daylight.

List of 4 words made from the word crrek

3 letter words made from crrek:

err, cer.

4 letter words made from crrek:

krrc, erck.

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