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How to spell CRUETY correctly?

If you mistyped "cruety" but intended to type "cruelty", here are the possible suggestions to correct the spelling. "Cruety" could be corrected to "cruelty", which means extreme and unnecessary suffering or harm. Paying attention to proper spelling promotes effective communication and ensures accurate understanding of the intended message.

List of suggestions on how to spell cruety correctly

  • crafty I'm not the crafty type.
  • crecy The Battle of Crecy in 1346 was a significant victory for the English over the French during the Hundred Years' War.
  • crete
  • cruddy I got a really cruddy job offer.
  • crudely crudely you described my effort as meaningless
  • crudity This book is full of crudity.
  • cruel The girl was very cruel to her small dog.
  • cruelly The bully treated the new kid very cruelly.
  • cruelty
  • cruet The waiter brought the cruet of olive oil and vinegar to the table for us to dress our salads.
  • cruets The small cruets on the dining table contained oil and vinegar for the salad.
  • crust
  • crusty The crusty bread was a bit too hard for my liking.
  • rutty The dirt road was so rutty that our car kept bouncing up and down as we drove along.

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