What is the correct spelling for CRULEITY?

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Correct spelling for CRULEITY

We think the word cruleity is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for cruleity

  • clarity To come once more into personal relations with mother earth is to secure health of body and of mind; and with health comes clarity of vision.
  • credulity Conceive how credulity itself would shrink appalled from the horrible snare!
  • crudely They would not have so crudely exploited my unconventional marriage and my financial relations with old Ellersly.
  • crudity With the greatest care the boys went over the lines of the graven ivory comparing the figures with the carvings of the hieroglyphics which the "chief" had carved on his totem pole, and found them to be almost identical, except for a few minor particulars caused by the relief work on the totem, and less crudity in the carvings.
  • cruel Frank, Frank, it was cruel to serve me so."
  • cruelly Cruelly hath it been sent thence; and no other gleam of its changeful beauty will e'er dawn in them.
  • cruelty Richelieu in dying had passed over his power to Mazarin, who had used it with every cruelty possible to the day.
  • cruet He was still lingering in the pantry in the greatness of his zeal, giving a rub-up to a plated cruet stand the last thing before going to bed. Being careful not to wake up the mate, whose room was opposite, I spoke in an undertone.
  • crusty If it's in New England there'll be doughnuts and pies on the table, and not those sickly convict labor pies of the city either, with the prison pallor yet upon them, but brown, crusty, full-chested pies.
  • curled There was a cloud of mist upon the meadows, and the windings of the river could be distinctly traced by the white fog which curled above it.
  • garrulity Pardon, my Lord, the feeble garrulity of age, which loves to diffuse itself in discourse of the departed great.
  • Cruelties Use it to help human beings against the cruelties they inflict on each other-and animals against the cruelties inflicted on them.
  • Juliet Romeo and Juliet, i.
  • cruelest It seemed that the cruelest, saddest thing in the world had happened.

230 words made from the letters cruleity

4 letter words made from cruleity:

liye, luyt, city, lucy, reit, lert, ture, rute, leur, liut, tile, cute, ryce, icey, clue, yeri, lyre, tuyl, lite, ytre, etui, luce, rice, trei, yurt, celt, trel, cuit, lery, irey, ertl, yuet, reul, iler, yeti, cert, urey, tuli, lity, uict, tyre, yuce, tuel, uric, tire, ruyt, rely, cley, yuel, ilet, riel, luri, ueli, tery, treu, liet, rite, curt, luer, tieu, ryle, reti, leit, yuli, eriu, lyce, cult, ryul, crye, ricy, cite, luit, cure, lure, eury, utri, rile, tiye, tier, luyi, cuti, curl, yetu, trey, lecy, teli, ecru, leti, yute, clit, urie, tuer, tiel, rule, cutl, luty, crue, iure, ruey, rieu, iyer, lute, yule, lieu, ruly, ruyi, true.

5 letter words made from cruleity:

elric, liter, curet, culet, tirey, curie, eruct, ureic, recut, ulcer, trieu, recti, lurie, liceu, lucey, tiley, clery, cuter, euric, lytic, celui, litre, lieyu, clier, lyter, tuyer, tyler, cluey, truly, rutyl, tuley, uteri, licet, relic, cruet, riely, tiler, ticer, leuci, crile, crute, tuyle, ricey, turei, lucre, culti, cutey, urile, truel, utile, tuile, rueil, clert, lucet, creil, turci, curli, curly, tyrie, cruel, ruley, clute, ulice, lyric, leity, curti, truce, ulery, turie, trice, cruit, yurie, lutie, riley, culte, recit, yucel, ulyie, reily.

3 letter words made from cruleity:

ler, cue, ire, cer, cul, ice, leu, yet, cli, lir, tyr, icu, crt, ect, lit, tie, tri, tic, cur, icy, url, cut, cry, ute, tec, lie, ley, try, ter, lei, rue, ert, utc, let, ult, rut, yue, rit, tlc, etc, ret, lye, rye, tiu.

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