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How to spell CRUMNESS correctly?

The misspelling "crumness" can be corrected to "crumminess". "Crumminess" refers to something of poor quality or undesirable condition. Other possible suggestions for the misspelling could include "crumbliness" or "crumbiness", depending on the intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell crumness correctly

  • calmness She took deep breaths to find her calmness before speaking in front of the large crowd.
  • crudeness I was shocked by the crudeness of his language during the heated argument.
  • cruelness Her cruelness towards animals shocked everyone who witnessed it.
  • crumminess The restaurant received negative reviews due to the crumminess of their food and poor customer service.
  • crumpets I enjoyed a breakfast of scrambled eggs and crumpets this morning.
  • curtness I was taken aback by her curtness when she abruptly ended the conversation without any explanation.
  • glumness I could sense the glumness in the room when the bad news was announced.
  • grimness The pallbearers moved with solemnity, their faces clouded with grimness as they carried the casket to the burial site.
  • primness The librarian's primness was evident in the way she meticulously arranged the books on the shelves.
  • trimness Her dedication to fitness is evident in the trimness of her physique.

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