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How to spell CRWENECK correctly?

If you are someone who frequently misspells "crweneck", fear not! This common misspelling can be easily corrected to "crewneck". By replacing the misplaced 'w' with an 'e,' you'll have the correct spelling for this neckline style. Remember, always double-check your spellings before hitting send or publish!

List of suggestions on how to spell crweneck correctly

  • Creek I sat by the cool creek, listening to the peaceful sound of flowing water.
  • creek I love sitting by the creek, listening to the gentle sound of the water flowing by.
  • crookneck I bought a delicious crookneck squash from the farmer's market to use in my recipe.
  • redneck My neighbor has a big redneck truck and loves to go mudding on weekends.

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