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How to spell CRWLING correctly?

If you are facing the common misspelling "crwling", fret not! The correct suggestion for this term might be "crawling". This verb perfectly depicts the act of moving on hands and knees. So, next time you use this term, ensure you've got it right – crawling like a pro!

List of suggestions on how to spell crwling correctly

  • brawling The bar had to be shut down due to the brawling that broke out between two groups of patrons.
  • calling
  • caroling We went caroling around the neighborhood last Christmas.
  • cling The child started to cling to his mother's leg when he saw the clown.
  • Coaling Before the steamship departed, it made a brief stop in the port for coaling.
  • coiling
  • cooling The air conditioning system in the office building is not cooling properly.
  • cowling I can see the cowling on the aircraft's engine.
  • Cradling
  • crawling I saw a crawling bug on the floor.
  • crewing I am interested in crewing a sailboat this summer.
  • crowding The patients in the emergency room are crowding the waiting area.
  • crowing The rooster was crowing loudly to announce the start of the day.
  • crowning The crowning moment of the ceremony was when the king placed the crown on his successor's head.
  • crying I was crying because of the divorce.
  • Culling The culling process has begun.
  • curdling I'm so curdling angry with you right now.
  • curling I love curling because I can spend hours on the ice without getting tired.
  • drawling Sarah was drawling around the room, looking for her phone.
  • growling The dog was growling at the mailman as he approached the mailbox.
  • Prowling The lion was prowling through the grasslands looking for his next meal.
  • Riling The politician's provocative remarks are riling up the opposition party.
  • Rowling
  • ruling The Supreme Court's ruling had a significant impact on the rights of citizens.
  • Scrawling In his diary, the writer wrote Scrawling across the pages.
  • trawling He spent the whole day trawling the internet for information about the new product.

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