How to spell CUGHT correctly?

We think the word cught is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell cught correctly

  • aught I'm too owd mysel' for aught else.
  • cart The dog-cart was coming round, and Charles hastily turned from him, and, getting in, drove quickly away.
  • cat It would ha' made a cat laugh."
  • coat They told the boy to pull out of his coat.
  • coot Mr. Blankinship nodded pleasantly and passed up the room to the punch, muttering as he went, "Writes better than talks-dash of genius-more or less timid than a coot."
  • cot "I meant it as a jest," she said as she lay on a cot at the receiving hospital; but four bullets were in her body, and Charles J. Johnson, clumsy and natural lover, lay dead in an adjoining room with the fifth bullet in his brain.
  • cough She had shut the yawning lips, and stopped that uneasy cough which is the expression of the relaxed mind rather than of the relaxed throat.
  • court She answered: "In this very court are my friends, my sisters, who have always been in sympathy with me.
  • ct under 14th amend., 3; before U. S. Sup. Ct., 5; on Fed. Suff., 6; 204.
  • cubit Mr Henley throughout writes as though whilst he had changed, and changed in points most essential, his erewhile friend remained exactly where he was as to literary position and product-the Louis who went away in 1887 and never returned, had, as Mr W. E. Henley, most unfortunately for himself, would imply, retained the mastery, and the Louis who never came back had made no progress, had not added an inch, not to say a cubit, to his statue, while Mr Henley remained in statu quo, and was so only to be judged.
  • cud They had more gin'rals thin ye cud find in a Raypublican West Town convintion, an' ivry private was at laste a colonel.
  • cult
  • curd I don't eat dairy products, but I think the curd in this yogurt is really good.
  • curt
  • cut
  • cute
  • cwt We found a copper cwt on the beach.
  • get
  • ghat I saw a group of people going down the ghats.
  • gut
  • jut
  • naught I am no longer interested in this game - it's nothing but naught.
  • nought I beggared myself by buying that wretched book - I'll never be able to read it because there are words in it I
  • ought
  • quit
  • sought She sought his company often.
  • taught A teacher taught her class by telling them life stories.
  • Bought That's the place Shorty McCabe's bought.
  • Caught The novelist himself, she knew, had not "caught on" at first.
  • Fought The fierce battle fought between the two armies was very close.
  • Git Please use "git clone" to get the code.
  • Got
  • Kurt
  • GT The GT sports car is popular among enthusiasts.
  • CATT Sitting by the open window behind his newspaper, Mr. Catt had caught every word of the conversation, unknown to his small daughter, who did not realize his close proximity while she was unburdening her heart to the big brother; and he smiled derisively at the narrative; so when the child found courage to ask him for a pet dog he answered curtly, No, Miss Tabitha, we don't want any pups around here.
  • QUOT
  • CUED
  • PUGET Pope Urban VIII commissioned a statue of the Virgin Mary holding the Child Jesus which is now in the Vatican.

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