Correct spelling for CUNENT

We think the word cunent is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for cunent

  • Janet
  • Alice had lady janet curled up in her arms, and peggy was reading aloud from "alice's adventures in wonderland."

  • Anent(Definition of Anent)
  • Francos: sir, from thy mouth i explanation ask as to the import of a message sent to high officials of some labor bund voicing complaint anent my conduct here.

  • Cant(Definition of cant)
  • His chuckling ceased when he saw the timber cant over on one edge.

  • Gent(Definition of gent)
  • When he sees me the old gent begins to dodge livelier than ever and make signals with his hands.

  • Conned
  • All the way in, long john stood by the steersman and conned the ship.

  • Jennet(Definition of jennet)
  • Presently, a curve in the path brought in view a spanish cavalier, mounted on an andalusian jennet: the horseman was gaily singing one of the popular ballads of the time; and, as it related to the feats of the spaniards against the moors, muza's haughty blood was already stirred, and his moustache quivered on his lip.

  • Canon(Definition of canon)
  • These and other virtues have been defined, justified, and co-ordinated with the aid of a standard of moral value or a canon of duty.

  • Count(Definition of count)
  • "and i won't fight you, either, count.

  • Canned(Definition of canned)
  • A year's supply of canned goods, anyone?

  • Quint(Definition of quint)
  • "yes," said quint, "and it's annoying, because i shall miss the end of the wedding festivities."

  • Client(Definition of client)
  • Mr. moy whispered to his client, "do you know what that is?"

  • Genet(Definition of genet)
  • Ned was pleased with the news, for he thought it likely that genet might have been there before on similar errands, and his person be known to the governor.

  • Cannot(Definition of Cannot)
  • "good rolf," said the priest, "i cannot clearly understand what you say about the unhappy sintram; for i do not know when and how this affliction came upon him.

  • Junket(Definition of junket)
  • And oh, the junket and devonshire cream are even better than he used to tell me!

  • Current(Definition of current)
  • But if she missed the bridge and went into the ravine, the current would be too strong for her.

  • Cunning(Definition of cunning)
  • The cunning plan of the igazipuza nearly succeeded.

  • Cornet(Definition of cornet)
  • A cornet is lacking, or is needed.

  • Content(Definition of content)
  • Why think of a hossen at all, when she was so content?

  • Gannet(Definition of gannet)
  • The house was empty; it was not very far away; he had an hour in which to work undisturbed; and at the expiration of that time he should be back in his room, and ready to set out with the cadger and gannet to rob an empty safe.

  • Caned(Definition of Caned)
  • "i gave greyson some mint-chocolate to let me toss whether i caned or him, and i won.

  • Cont
  • 9 etat des negociations actueelles, &c., mem. prepared by order of the tsar, july 16, 1815, enclosed in castlereagh to liverpool, f. o. cont.

  • Ghent(Definition of ghent)
  • At a time when europe had no such masses of happy people, joyous in their toil, courtrai, tournay, ypres, ghent, and bruges told what the blue flower of the flax had done for the country.

  • Can't(Definition of Can't)
  • Then mignon can't say a word.

  • Gunned
  • He slipped the truck into gear and gunned the motor.

  • Conan
  • In october 1912 several notable men who had previously counted as unionists-sir arthur conan doyle, sir frederick pollock, sir j. west-ridgway-all declared for home rule.

  • Coned
  • Mandrels or arbors are sometimes made adjustable for diameter by forcing a split cone upon a coned plug, examples being given in the following figures, which are extracted from mechanics.

  • Kent
  • But as i was sayin', naebody kent hoo he had gethert his siller, the mair by token 'at maybe there was nane, for naebody, as i was tellin' ye, ever had the sma'est glimp o' siller aboot 'im.

  • Cogent(Definition of cogent)
  • In private conversation, his arguments were so cogent, his appeals so energetic, and his manner so sincere and disinterested, that few could avoid conviction.

  • Contend(Definition of contend)
  • He might have kept his resolve had there been nothing more to contend with than the ordinary verbal persecution.

  • Connect(Definition of connect)
  • It seemed as though it must have been carefully prepared and procured for some unknown purpose, but it was impossible to connect pleasure with it.

  • Consent(Definition of consent)
  • My consent was not necessary."

  • Convent(Definition of convent)
  • And who ever heard of any one going into a convent, all on account of such a goat's beard-the lord forgive me!

31 words made from the letters cunent

4 letter words made from cunent:

cent, tuen, tune, nute, cenn, cnut, utne, nunc, cunt, tecn, nenu, cute, nune.

5 letter words made from cunent:

unten, unnec, centu.

3 letter words made from cunent:

cue, ten, ect, tun, ent, nne, net, tec, utc, ute, nun, cut, etc, nut, nec.