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How to spell CUNING correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "cuning" instead of "cunning", don't fret! We've got some recommendations on the correct spelling. "Cunning" refers to being resourceful, clever or deceitful. So, try typing "cunning" instead to accurately capture its intended meaning. Remember, a small correction can make a big difference!

List of suggestions on how to spell cuning correctly

  • canine The veterinary clinic specializes in treating canine patients.
  • caning
  • Canning I am canning some tomatoes for salsa.
  • Coining The process of coining a new term used in the field of science can be challenging.
  • coning
  • Conning The Conning tower is located on the bow of the ship.
  • Corning Since Corning was founded in 1892, the company has been synonymous with innovation and quality in glass products.
  • Cubing I enjoy cubing as a way to challenge my problem-solving skills.
  • cunning She demonstrated her cunning by tricking the opponent into thinking she had a weaker hand than she really did.
  • curing The sick boy needed curing and so the doctor gave him some medicine.
  • Gunning He was gunning the engine, trying to break the land speed record.
  • tuning I am currently tuning my guitar to play a new song.

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