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How to spell CUNKY correctly?

If you're trying to write "chunky", some possible suggestions to correct the misspelling might include "chucky", "chinky", "chonky", "chinko" or "chanka". However, the most correct and widely accepted spelling is definitely "chunky", so it's best to make sure you double-check your spelling before submitting any written work.

List of suggestions on how to spell cunky correctly

  • bunk My roommate and I had to sleep on bunk beds in our tiny dorm room.
  • canny The canny investor always made shrewd decisions when it came to his stock portfolio.
  • chunk I can't eat a whole pizza, so I'll just have a chunk.
  • chunky I prefer chunky peanut butter over smooth.
  • clunk
  • clunky The clunky old computer took forever to start up.
  • conk I knocked on the door and heard a conk.
  • cony I cony-footed it home.
  • county I grew up in a small county in rural Kansas.
  • cranky I'm feeling a little cranky today.
  • dunk I love to dunk my donut in my coffee.
  • funk I can't listen to funk music without dancing.
  • funky Her funky shoes gave her a cool look.
  • gunk I need to clean my car of all the gunk.
  • GUNKY The sink drain was so gunky that it took hours of cleaning to get it unclogged.
  • gunny
  • hunk He ate a hunk of bread with his soup.
  • Hunky The new personal trainer at the gym is quite hunky.
  • inky The squid released a cloud of inky fluid to escape from its predator.
  • junk I need to clean out my garage and get rid of all the junk that has accumulated over the years.
  • junks The river is filled with junks and debris.
  • punk My punk rock friend is really into makeup.
  • Quaky I often hear my cat meowing in a quaky voice.
  • sunk The Titanic sunk on April 15, 1912, after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean.

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