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How to spell CURCH correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "curch" instead of "church", don't fret. Autocorrect can sometimes alter words unintentionally. To fix this error, consider the correct spelling "church" and ensure your device's dictionary recognizes it. Double-check your writing to catch any other misspellings that might have occurred.

List of suggestions on how to spell curch correctly

  • arch The arch of the bridge was an impressive sight as we drove across the river.
  • birch The birch tree stood tall and proud in the forest.
  • Burch My friend's last name is Burch.
  • butch I'm not a butch, but I understand what you're saying.
  • catch I need to catch the ball before it hits the ground.
  • church I am going to church tomorrow morning for the service.
  • clutch I grabbed my clutch before running out the door.
  • coach She was a famous soccer coach.
  • conch I used a conch shell to hear the sound of the ocean.
  • couch My mom is always on the couch watching TV.
  • crutch I had to use a crutch to walk after injuring my ankle.
  • cur The cat looked cute in its little Cur cap.
  • curb
  • curd She needed to get the cheese curd out of the fridge.
  • cure
  • Curer
  • Curia The Curia is a group of advisors to the Pope.
  • curie Marie Curie discovered two new chemical elements named radium and polonium.
  • curio
  • curl The curl of the waves crashing against the shore was mesmerizing to watch.
  • curly Jason has curly hair.
  • curry I love the spicy taste of curry in my chicken tikka.
  • CURS
  • curse I curse your little sister for ruining my drawing.
  • curt He gave a curt reply and walked away.
  • curve I can see the curve of her hips in the light.
  • curvy The road was curvy and winding, making the drive both scenic and exciting.
  • czech My aunt is from Czech Republic.
  • dutch
  • gulch The hikers camped by the gulch and enjoyed the serene beauty of the natural landmark.
  • hutch Don't leave your hamster unattended inside the hutch!
  • larch The tall, straight larch trees that line the road are a sight to see.
  • lurch I felt a sudden lurch as the boat tipped over.
  • march She decided to join the march to protest against climate change.
  • much
  • Ouch
  • parch The hot sun caused the grass to parch and turn brown.
  • perch The bird sat on a perch and sang a beautiful song.
  • porch
  • scorch The intense heat of the fire caused the walls to scorch.
  • such Do you have any such sweaters?
  • torch She carried a torch to light their way through the dark forest.

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