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How to spell CURSTING correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "cursting" could be "casting", "rustling" or "bursting". It is important to double-check the spelling of words before using them in professional or academic settings to ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell cursting correctly

  • bursting The fruit basket was bursting with vibrant strawberries and juicy oranges.
  • busting The police were busting the drug dealers on the street corner.
  • carting He was sweating profusely after a day spent carting heavy boxes around the warehouse.
  • casting She attended the casting call for a new TV show.
  • Coasting As I walked down the hill, I felt like I was coasting effortlessly.
  • Corseting Jane was corseting her waist before the ball to achieve the desired hourglass figure.
  • costing The project is costing more than we anticipated.
  • coursing The coursing of the river cut through the rocky terrain, creating a breathtaking sight.
  • courting He was courting her with flowers and chocolates every day.
  • Crating I will be crating my belongings and shipping them to my new apartment.
  • Cresting
  • Crusting The crusting on the bread was thick and had a satisfying crunch.
  • cursing After stubbing his toe against the table, Johnny hopped around cursing loudly.
  • cussing God, I'm going to get so damned tired of your freaking cussing.
  • cutting She was cutting vegetables for the soup with a sharp knife.
  • Dusting
  • guesting
  • gusting The wind was gusting so strongly that it blew my hat off.
  • Lusting
  • ousting The ousting of the CEO led to a major shake-up in the company's leadership.
  • questing The knight rode through the forest, questing for the enchanted sword.
  • rusting The old bicycle in the backyard is slowly rusting over time.

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