What is the correct spelling for CURTAILLED?

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Correct spelling for CURTAILLED

We think the word curtailled is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for curtailled

  • called He had called her so of late.
  • curdled Her blood curdled; she concluded it was Manfred.
  • curled Their bodies lie there now, curled up.
  • curtail It was genuine in its way, and she knew that it was; nor could she doubt that Paul was in earnest, since a word from her had sufficed to make him curtail his visit, and go to the ends of the earth to find his brother.
  • curtained Once and again he glanced round at the ordinary-looking room, the curtained windows, the dull furniture; and the second time he looked back at the pencil he was almost certain that some movement had just taken place with it.
  • tailed 284. Of the Larger Racket-tailed Drongo Dr. Jerdon tells us that he has "had its nest brought him several times at Darjeeling; rather a large structure of twigs and roots; and the eggs, usually three in number, pinkish white, with claret-coloured or purple spots, but they vary a great deal in size, form, and colouring.
  • tilled Owen's father and grandfather before him had been cottiers on the estate; but being very poor and humble men, and the little farm they rented, a half-tilled half-reclaimed mountain tract, exempt from all prospect of improvement, and situated in a remote and unfrequented place, they were merely known by their names on the rent-roll.
  • Cavilled To endure this-to read it-to know it went published over the wide globe, till one's shame became the gossip of millions-and then-with a verdict extorted from pity, damages awarded to repair a broken heart and a sullied name-to carry this disgrace before one's equals, to be again discussed, sifted, and cavilled at!
  • Retailed Things and their qualities are retailed and detailed, without reference to a more general character which they stand for and mean.
  • Cradled Habrunt held his own sword awkwardly as he cradled Si'Wren in his arms.
  • Culled She has indeed arranged a plan of action that will bring her on the battle-field at a critical moment to deliver a speech culled from some old novels in her room and meant to reduce both her aunts to annihilation.
  • Curtailed This financial set-back, while it had injured, for the time, Arthur Breen's reputation for being "up and dressed," had not, to any appreciable extent, curtailed his expenditures or narrowed the area of his social domain.
  • Curtailing By the curtailing in the mine the output of the coal necessary for feeding the machinery or stopping the coal cars on their way to the electrical plants.
  • curtails Last of all, December, The year's sands nearly run, 90 Speeds on the shortest day, Curtails the sun; With its bleak raw wind Lays the last leaves low, Brings back the nightly frosts, Brings back the snow.
  • curtsied William returned in a few moments with a fat, comfortable looking black woman, who curtsied to Mrs. Carteret at the gate, and then going up to her mistress seized her by the shoulder and shook her vigorously.
  • corralled Supplies were forwarded to Brandy Station in vast numbers; wagons packed with ammunition and forage; the troops furnished with clothing and shoes; all condemned horses and mules branded with the letter C and sent to Alexandria to be corralled until sold, and others sent in their places; and all batteries were furnished new guns and new horses, equipped for a hard campaign.
  • catcalled As a role reversal, the women catcalled the men they passed in hopes of raising awareness of the unpleasant nature of the street harassment women experience daily.
  • quailed His eyes were diamond points of accumulated fury, and those whom he faced quailed before him.

576 words made from the letters curtailled

3 letter words made from curtailled:

ear, art, cat, air, ale, rid, act, cue, eta, dre, cad, etc, eld, ade, red, lea, alt, ell, aec, lld, cud, lid, ida, dat, iud, ill, urd, car, dia, cia, ice, tar, lat, due, cli, lac, icu, lit, ull, ert, tri, ult, tea, ted, tia, dal, let, cur, all, rut, tie, tad, ler, era, lad, ldl, tau, dec, cer, tec, uca, ute, arc, lie, tiu, ret, cut, rad, ltd, ali, lcd, are, tai, cul, ire, dit, rat, ail, rit, dle, tic, ter, url, die, ate, lei, aid, rue, ect, tlc, led, ira, lir, ace, uta, utc, eat, leu, crt.

4 letter words made from curtailled:

dule, leal, idul, iced, daie, talc, duel, leda, tieu, ruia, dull, duet, rieu, acre, uldl, acer, lead, duce, uale, deci, leud, cali, atul, tail, etau, dirt, ulta, lied, duct, atle, rull, luri, ruad, dura, rall, ical, adit, luit, leit, allt, clue, iler, dace, tuer, aril, itll, daei, edit, raid, urde, elul, cure, ertl, dial, rail, cute, ilet, arui, rial, laud, dari, leul, lule, lair, earl, ratu, uria, luar, aire, edur, urie, tale, reul, dare, elua, laid, dali, arid, idea, deli, date, lard, laie, true, raed, laul, luce, cert, airt, dice, urea, lace, duei, dula, curt, tier, dier, cell, dear, tiel, acid, clad, ueli, lade, treu, lilt, eira, auld, crud, teal, cudi, trad, caul, reid, ruta, duta, lite, real, luat, diat, raut, alur, arul, raue, tual, iure, lert, rule, ladu, rude, tael, luer, crue, lalu, celt, dale, turd, elia, raud, laic, ruea, leti, etui, taue, cade, aull, lira, caiu, tied, dieu, daut, idlu, uate, lual, liel, idle, ried, udai, cart, dcau, delu, trud, auer, dita, curl, card, trei, read, reit, taei, aide, liad, deca, diet, aiul, rice, tall, dart, call, dill, ride, ture, duit, liut, cuit, talu, dalu, lieu, duli, cite, cutl, tile, tire, race, ecru, crau, raie, teli, uric, drut, raiu, riel, ullr, tear, dell, tera, tare, lure, drau, cuti, laut, rate, utca, liau, clit, curd, cedi, cual, aiud, rite, deut, daul, ulia, till, utri, deul, rill, eriu, deal, eral, dire, cull, cult, dail, illu, tuel, tuli, leur, liar, dual, lude, lute, tell, llud, uict, rale, ludi, reti, daur, rile, cred, lear, care, drua, elli, lari, liet, leil, deru, late, tide, urca, trel, rute, lail.

5 letter words made from curtailled:

celui, clert, dulal, cilea, arced, caire, aurei, dulle, cured, alite, elric, arlit, adult, darul, adeli, cidre, creta, auter, dulic, drell, creal, alcid, alter, alire, drall, actel, cauet, dealu, dirce, deair, adret, etail, dulac, ature, auret, cruda, arcel, certa, crute, dacre, claut, eruct, cruit, arled, driel, culte, dacer, clade, auric, carte, eliad, decir, alier, daler, darle, datil, edict, artec, deira, clude, culet, cater, drice, audel, crude, cruel, cauld, cadet, diler, aille, autie, adire, caled, cauer, acide, erdal, daule, citra, catli, carui, arute, creil, curie, cruet, curti, dietl, artel, delai, detar, clute, dault, autre, eridu, diact, crati, cleal, crall, aleut, derai, arcti, alder, dirca, atire, ecall, duela, clied, atler, alert, durel, eidul, dural, celal, aedui, cladi, aurie, culdi, cedar, delal, eldir, ducal, audet, adric, erdut, ceuta, dirac, dutar, clear, cleat, eldar, decal, culti, caudl, caril, delic, dalet, erica, acter, dutil, cider, alieu, carll, acrid, aerdi, ceral, eruca, acute, atric, drill, alred, dauer, aulie, duric, diate, earll, curta, cadle, cular, durie, cadre, eclat, curli, arild, drace, altri, dalei, atule, durai, dital, duale, dulla, dicer, delta, cirta, deula, alceu, aired, curae, cutal, crill, crate, duret, audit, educa, cidra, curet, adieu, cuter, dille, deliu, cauri, acier, clier, caret, dalil, druce, eidur, audre, cedit, aileu, aldie, dutra, dalli, cauli, cerat, ellac, curll, alide, ducat, clued, duell, crile, drita.

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