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How to spell CURTS correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "curts" could include "curtains", "curtsy", "courts" or "curds". It's important to carefully proofread written work and utilize spell-check tools to catch and correct errors like this.

List of suggestions on how to spell curts correctly

  • cards I always carry a deck of cards with me to play games with friends.
  • carts The grocery store employee stacked the shopping carts neatly in the designated area.
  • cats Cats are curious creatures, often finding themselves in the most peculiar of situations.
  • coats I need to buy some warm coats before winter comes.
  • coots The lake was filled with coots paddling around in search of food.
  • cords
  • cortes
  • cots The campsite provided cots for us to sleep on instead of having to use sleeping bags on the ground.
  • courts The judge presides over the courts and ensures all parties receive a fair hearing.
  • CRTs
  • CUDS I can't wait to get my hands on those CUDS!
  • cunts
  • curbs They installed new curbs to deter crime.
  • CURDS I love to eat fresh curds with my breakfast.
  • cures Several cures for the common cold are available, including over-the-counter medications and over-the-counter supplements.
  • curls
  • CURS
  • curt I'm going to be a little curt with you this time.
  • curtis I'm sorry, Curtis is not working today.
  • curtsy The young girl gave a curtsy to the queen.
  • cuts I need to get these cuts cleaned up.
  • guts I refuse to guts my fish.
  • hurts
  • Kurtis Kurtis wore his best suit to the job interview.
  • quarts I need at least four quarts of milk for the cake batter recipe.
  • quirts I always keep a few quirts in my camping gear.
  • quits After years of working at the same company, she finally decided to call it quits and pursue her passion.
  • yurts We stayed in traditional Mongolian yurts during our camping trip.

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