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How to spell CUTED correctly?

If you accidentally misspelled "cuted", fret not! The correct forms to use are "cute" (adjective) or "cuter" (comparative). These words perfectly capture the adorableness and charm we often seek to convey. So, next time when expressing your affection for something endearing, remember to stick to the correct forms!

List of suggestions on how to spell cuted correctly

  • Acted She acted in the school play and stunned the audience with her performance.
  • canted The painting was canted to one side, throwing the entire display off balance.
  • Carted The farmer carted his fresh produce to the market in his old, rusty truck.
  • catted
  • Cited
  • Clouted I was clouted by a rock.
  • clued I was so surprised when he was clued in to my plan.
  • coated The chicken was coated with a crispy layer of breading.
  • CODED The message was coded and only decipherable with a special key.
  • COED The university dormitory had separate floors for male and female students, but the lounge area was coed.
  • cote The sheep were huddled together in their small cote.
  • Counted I counted the number of items on the grocery list to make sure I didn't forget anything.
  • Courted She had been courted by many suitors, but he was the one she wanted to spend her life with.
  • Crated The fragile items were carefully crated before being shipped overseas.
  • Cubed
  • cud The dog was eating a cud.
  • CUED I cued the movie to start while I cleaned the kitchen.
  • curated The museum's newest exhibit was carefully curated by expert historians.
  • curd I would love some cottage cheese on my bagel with cream cheese, but I don't have any curd.
  • cured I have a cured ham you can have for your Thanksgiving feast.
  • cut "I had to cut the apple into six pieces to share with my classmates.
  • cute I think my new dog is cute.
  • cuter
  • cutest She was the cutest little bunny I've ever seen.
  • Cutie
  • cutlet She prepared a delicious cutlet for dinner.
  • cutter The baker used a cutter to make even slices of bread.
  • Gated The community was gated for security reasons.
  • gusted I gusted a breath of air into my lungs.
  • Gutted I was gutted when I lost the argument.
  • jute The jute plant is a grasslike herb.
  • Jutted The coastline is jutted out in a few places.
  • kited He kited his way across the pond on a windy day, feeling the rush of freedom as the sail caught the air.
  • muted The music was muted so I couldn't hear it.
  • outed The star was outed as being a fraud.
  • Quoted And according to the Quoted Author of "How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big", "Some lies are bigger
  • Scouted Washington scouted the New York Knicks' unprotected 2017 first-round pick.
  • ted Ted loves to spend his weekends fishing at the lake.

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