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How to spell CWITE correctly?

If you've mistyped "cwite", fear not! The correct spelling should be "quite". This commonly confused word can easily be corrected. Remember to replace the "c" with a "q" to properly express your idea of being fairly accurate or to emphasize something. Keep writing and learning!

List of suggestions on how to spell cwite correctly

  • caste The caste system in India has divided society for centuries.
  • cite
  • comte Comte is a French word for "count.
  • cote The restaurant has a cote of salmon.
  • crate I brought a crate of beer from the liquor store.
  • crete
  • cute she looked so cute sleeping on the bench
  • cwt
  • Gite
  • kite My nephew was flying a kite in the courtyard.
  • quite I'm quite certain that I left my keys at the party.
  • twit He's such a twit, always making silly jokes.
  • Waite He collects rare Waite tarot cards.
  • white She wore a beautiful white wedding dress on her special day.
  • wide I have a wide selection of books to choose from.
  • wit I think she has a lot of wit.
  • Witt Witt is a German surname.

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