Correct spelling for CXAME

We think the word cxame is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for cxame

  • Jam(Definition of jam)
  • And we'll get some bread and jam ourselves, sue.

  • Camus
  • Without allowing clerambault to explain himself farther, camus sprang at him, as if he meant to shake him by the collar; but restraining himself, he hissed in his face that he was the criminal, and deserved to be tried by court-martial at once.

  • James(Definition of james)
  • Jame
  • Samey
  • Cameo(Definition of cameo)
  • He examined the cameo several times before i bought it, and made several high offers-appeared, in fact, very anxious indeed to get it.

  • Coma(Definition of coma)
  • Whether he lived through the night wouldn't matter, because delirium was coming over him, and then there would be the coma, and the symbolic fight to keep him pumping and panting.

  • Jaime
  • Placing their prisoner upon the straw bed, don baltasar and jaime took away his sabre and the large knife habitually carried by spaniards of his class.

  • Cams
  • It appears scarcely necessary to premise that the sewing machine of twenty years ago has almost faded away, save, perhaps, in general exterior appearance; that the bell crank arms, the heart cams, the weaver's shuttles, the spring "take ups," rectangular needle bars, and gear wheels, have developed into very different devices for performing the various functions of those several parts.

  • Cums
  • Pardon me, miss jemima, if mi language in this letter iz strong, it cums from a strong place, mi heart, if i didn't mean what i say i should hav bin az sweet az a courtier, i should hav torked about the gorgeous mission of woman, the exalted career that might be opened for her in walks yet untrod, and other rhapsodys in the key bugle style, but i kno the power that woman haz over me, and i kno whare it lays, it dont lay in the ballot box, it lays in that misterious delikasy ov hers, thoze silken threads, whoze power iz invisible.

  • Cram(Definition of cram)
  • St. jude's church was in a cram; all the world and his wife had flocked into it.

  • Jams
  • Comer(Definition of comer)
  • Mr. comer grunted like a man who has stepped off a flight of stairs one step too soon.

  • Came(Definition of Came)
  • It would be better if water came to us from vallepietra.

  • Jamie
  • Clam(Definition of clam)
  • As for brenchfield-he would know phil anywhere, in any disguise, but phil knew how to close his mouth tighter than a clam.

  • Clime(Definition of clime)
  • But once more we return to this "dim speck of earth," and revisit the clime that gave edward his birth.

  • Cam(Definition of cam)
  • And afore i had gane mony yairds, i cam upo' fowk gaein to the kirk.

  • Creme
  • A la creme, 98 cat fish, 99 " " or hog fish, 99 cod fish balls, 104 " " boiled, 104 " " salt, to dress, 105 " " nantucket, 105 chowder, 99 chowder, 2d, 100 drum or sturgeon, 104 german fish stew, 107 halibut, 98 " 2d, 98 mackerel, boiled, 105 " to broil, 105 " salt, to cook, 106 perch, to fry, 104 rock fish, baked, 101 rock, to boil, 101 " boiled, 2d, 101 " pickled, 102 " to stew, 101 shad, baked, 102 " to barbecue, 103 " " broil, 102 " " fry, 102 " potted, 103 " to roast, 102 salmon, to bake, to boil and steak, 106 " to pickle, 107 sheep's head, to bake, 100 " or rock, to boil, 100 " to bake, 2d, 100 " " " 3d, 101 " boiled, 100 sturgeon, baked, 104 " cutlet, 103 " scalloped, 103 trout, to fry, 104

  • Game(Definition of game)
  • Brimmer was playing his game slowly, and without the slightest risk to himself.

  • Crime(Definition of crime)
  • Then i feel more than ever that it was all a mistake, and that to help it on again would be a-crime.

  • Clem(Definition of Clem)
  • "because you're forever having your own way," said clem; "i'll tell you."

  • Gamer
  • Liam mcdonald of pc gamer us wrote "there are moments that challenge and disturb, and this gives the characters and setting much more psychological depth than weve seen in any computer game to date.

  • Scam(Definition of scam)
  • Exam
  • As the divinity exam.

  • Come(Definition of come)
  • What did he come to do?

  • Comes(Definition of Comes)
  • That's the way i comes."

  • Cameos
  • Among his little figures there are seen some, as in his imitations of cameos and other stones, that are no larger than little ants, and yet all the limbs and all the muscles can be perceived so clearly that one who has not seen them could scarcely believe it. girolamo used to say in his old age that he knew more in his art then than he had ever known, and saw where every stroke ought to go, but that when he came to handle the brushes, they went the wrong way, because neither his eye nor his hand would serve him any longer.

  • Games
  • He sang songs and told stories, and got up games to keep his fellow-prisoners in good heart.

  • Same(Definition of same)
  • Calmer(Definition of Calmer)
  • In the morning she was calmer, and told jael she thought she was doing right.

  • Cause(Definition of cause)
  • She was right: indifference was not the cause.

  • Scheme(Definition of scheme)
  • Cm(Definition of cm)
  • In spite of the steady fire from the enceinte, a part of paris itself was disturbed by the 15-cm.

  • Comas
  • [699]et te, flava comas, frugum mitissima mater sensit equum: te sensit avem crinita colubris mater equi volucris.

  • Casey
  • "thin, b'gosh, i'll hould drink fer a long time yit," replied casey.

  • Calm(Definition of calm)
  • Her face was perfectly calm and smiling.

  • Case(Definition of case)
  • You know that i've got a case against you.

  • Sam(Definition of sam)

13 words made from the letters cxame

3 letter words made from cxame:

aec, mac, ace, ecm, exa, axe, max, cam.

4 letter words made from cxame:

mace, exam, amex, xema, acme.