What is the correct spelling for DAHL?

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Correct spelling for DAHL

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Possible correct spellings for dahl

  • ail Little John wondered what could ail his guardian; yet his own heart was stirred to its depths by what he had heard.
  • al Al amplificacion and diminucion is taken eyther of thinges, or of wordes.
  • all No; and you will not when I tell you all.
  • awl 5. If the servant shall plainly say, I love my master, my wife, and my children; I will not go out free; then his master shall bring him unto the Judges, and he shall bring him to the door, or unto the door-post, and his master shall bore his ear through with an awl, and he shall serve him forever.
  • baal This has every appearance of having been one of the many sun-temples devoted to Baal by early Syrians.
  • bail We soon learned it was best to bail out beforehand.
  • ball Propose for a lady at a ball the first time I ever met her!
  • bawl You should always protest against injustice and folly, you should bawl, froth at the mouth, and smash when you can.
  • call Why do you call him Scollops?
  • da But Ma Pa Da, the merchant's daughter, fell in love with him.
  • dab His absurd Valley of the Giants blocks the outlet, and of course he persisted in refusing me a right of way through that little dab of timber in order to discourage me and force me to sell him that Squaw Creek timber at his price."
  • dace Wallace Dace translates the ancient texts explanation of rasa as "a relish that of an elemental human emotion like love, pity, fear, heroism or mystery, which forms the dominant note of a dramatic piece; this dominant emotion, as tasted by the audience, has a different quality from that which is aroused in real life; rasa may be said to be the original emotion transfigured by aesthetic delight".
  • dacha Writer Aleksey Tolstoy and his family occupied a state-owned dacha in Barvikha from 1938 through his death in 1945.
  • dad "Just like dad," replied Steve.
  • dada 2004: Honourable Mention for Brett Baileys book The Plays of Miracle and Wonder at the Noma Award for Publishing in Africa 2002: Fleur du Cap Awards/FNB Vita (Cape) award for Best Script of a New South African Play, and Best Costume Design for Big Dada; 2001: Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year for drama; Big Dada presented at the National Arts Festival: Fleur Du Caps Rosalie van der Gught Award for Best Young Director; 1998: iMUMBO JUMBO: FNB Vita Awards for best director, original script and design.
  • dado As the dado set spins, the two outside blades cut the dado walls and the chippers remove the waste material in between and smooth the bottom of the dado.
  • dag Brian Baker (musician) (born 1965), American guitarist for punk bands Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, and Bad Religion, among others Brian Baker (actor) (born 1967), American actor and former Sprint spokesman Brian Baker (tennis) (born 1985), American professional tennis player Brian Baker (The Wire), police officer on the HBO drama The Wire Brian Baker (diplomat) (born 1944), former Canadian diplomat and Ambassador to Denmark Brian Baker (politician), American politician and Missouri State Representative Brian Baker (producer), American engineer and producer for bands including Blue October Brian Baker, Australian singer for The Makers and others Brian Baker (runner) (born 1970), American track and field athlete and coach Brian Edmund Baker (1896–1979), World War I flying ace
  • dago The room was swirling with blue eddies of smoke; Dago Jim, hands flung up, still grasping letter and pocketbook, pawed at the air-and plunged with a sagging lurch face downward to the floor.
  • dahlia Rhoda found herself more than once brooding on the possible case that Dahlia had done this thing.
  • daily For the poor whom they daily threaten to deprive of their bread-winner?"
  • dais And so, when he had given her a nod and a smile, as he came down from the dais, crumpling his papers in his big hands, she was ready to look about and enjoy herself.
  • dale And then he whistled an air of the Minnesinger's "Walther von der Vogelweide,"- "Under the lime tree by the hedge;" and especially that favourite verse,- "Beyond the wood, in the quiet dale, Tandaradai, Sang the melodious nightingale."
  • dali Baoshan is the second-biggest metropolitan area in western Yunnan after Dali.
  • dally "Yes, I remember," said Dally, clapping her hands.
  • dam Dorothea she dam-fine girl all right.
  • dame Selene stood on one foot, leaning, to recover herself, against the right-hand post of the window-opening, and there she could hear more distinctly than from her couch, the voice of the waves as they broke on the stone quay just behind dame Hannah's little house.
  • dana His associates were Homer Bartlett, Charles Francis Adams, George S. Boutwell, Stephen C. Phillips, George Bliss, H. L. Dawes, John Brooks, Charles Allen, Moses Kimball, R. H. Dana, Jr.
  • dane Dane looked about him nervously, as an animal might who has been trapped and seeks some means of escape.
  • dare I must stop, because I don't dare write any more.
  • dark Before it was dark-oh, so dark!
  • darn If you hadn't, then the thought of that darn blanket would likely set you crazy to grab the other feller's.
  • dart It seemed that Mr. Dart and Red had been two of a fashionable yachting party that had gone frisking down under the Palisades and out into the open sea.
  • dash It was unlikely that Banks, even if he heard at once that his enemy had vanished, would immediately dash forward; and even if he did he would still have five-and-twenty miles to march before he reached Staunton.
  • dat I tooks mah ole shot gun, an' sa'ntered out dat way.
  • data Whereas he had been content to dismiss this or that artist with but a perfunctory line, I preferred to give dates, data and all important facts.
  • date Consequently these laws must be referred to the first years of Ine's reign, and they must be older than the date of the Kentish laws of Wihtred.
  • daub The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries, And daub their natural faces unaware More and more from the first similitude.
  • davy 2. All but poor Davy.
  • dawn They are between the poetry of the dawn and the poetry of the twilight.
  • day The day, you know, that grandfather was here.
  • days "It is nothing-a few days.
  • daze Here, being short of breath, she paused, and fumbling in a large black calico pocket which hung loosely at her side, attached to her ample waist by a string, she drew out with great care a rather large, square-looking missive, and then rising from her chair with much fluttering of her black gown and mysterious creaking sound, as of tight under-wear strained to breaking point, she held it out toward Walden, who had durng her last oratorical outburst unconsciously put his hand to his head in a daze of bewilderment.
  • deal I have saved a great deal.
  • dell Oft on some evening, sunny, soft, and still, The Muse shall lead thee to the beech-grown hill, To spend in tea the cool, refreshing hour, Where nods in air the pensile, nest-like bower; Or where the hermit hangs the straw-clad cell, Emerging gently from the leafy dell, By fancy plann'd; as once th' inventive maid Met the hoar sage amid the secret shade: Romantic spot !
  • dial I had proceeded practically in a straight line from the sun-dial, and do you know where I found myself?
  • dill Mrs. Macy 'n' me went up 'n' watered Gran'ma Mullins till we brought her to, 'n' when she learned as it was all done she picked up wonderful 'n' felt as hungry as any one, 'n' come downstairs 'n' kissed Lucy 'n' caught a corner on Mrs. Dill just like she 'd never been no trouble to no one from first to last.
  • doha On 27 May 2014 (2014-05-27), the touchdown of a flight from Bahrain at Doha's Hamad International Airport marked the official transfer of Qatar Airways operations to its new hub, replacing Doha International Airport.
  • doll And where was this doll of poor Jane's?
  • drawl "Good mor-ning," she cried, in her sweet, affected drawl.
  • dual But there are human beings who, though of necessity single in body, are dual in character;-in whose breasts not only is evil always fighting against good,-but to whom evil is sometimes horribly, hideously evil, but is sometimes also not hideous at all.
  • duel Desire won the duel with one mighty blow.
  • dull
  • earl
  • fail
  • fall
  • gael
  • gal
  • gall
  • gaul
  • hall
  • kohl
  • pal
  • paul
  • sail
  • saul
  • tail
  • tall
  • wall
  • Cal "No, mother, but he isn't safe yet-" and Cal went on to give a rapid account of all he knew.
  • Carl Sprung from the stock of Cerdic, Egbert belonged to the popular royalty which we find throughout at the head of the invading Germans; he is, so far, more like the Merovingians whom Carl's predecessors overthrew, than like Carl himself; and he was almost entirely destitute of that strong groundwork of military institutions on which the Carolingians supported themselves.
  • Dan He beckoned to Dan, and retired.
  • Del If you will put up your theatre in the Piazza del Popolo, or in the Via Babuina, or in the Via Ripetta, I certainly will not fail to visit you a single evening; but there's no power on earth shall ever get me outside the Porta del Popolo at night-time again."
  • Sal
  • Dar I doan' know 'xactly whare de teas 'll be dis arternoon, but ye kin tell de houses whar dar is a tea inside by de carriages a-waitin',-an' ef it aint a tea, it's a fun'ral,-and all yer's got to do is to go inside an' see if she's dar."
  • Hal
  • Karl
  • Raul
  • Val
  • Daryl Augustus Warren Baldwin (1776–1866), politician in Upper Canada Bill Baldwin (born 1935), United States science fiction writer Bob Baldwin (born 1955), Australian politician Bobby Baldwin (born 1950), United States poker player Brooke Baldwin (born 1979), CNN Newsroom anchor Cecil Baldwin, voice actor for the podcast Welcome to Night Vale Charles Baldwin (disambiguation), several people Christopher Baldwin (born 1973), Illustrator and author of webcomics Chuck Baldwin (born 1952), 2008 Constitution Party nominee for President of the United States Cliff Baldwin (1899–1979), American football player Craig Baldwin (born 1952), American filmmaker Daniel Baldwin (born 1960), American actor, producer, and director, one of the "Baldwin brothers" Daryl Baldwin, Miami researcher and cultural activist Dave Baldwin (disambiguation), several people David A.
  • Gail
  • Dave " Dave, I believe he knows it.
  • Udall
  • Darla Mahogany's Andrew Prinz produced and designed the sleeve for Auburn Lulls debut full-length album Alone I Admire, which was released on Burnt Hair and reissued by California by Darla Records in 2002.
  • AOL List of acquisitions by Adobe Systems List of acquisitions by AOL List of acquisitions by CA Technologies List of acquisitions by Cisco Systems List of acquisitions by eBay List of acquisitions by Electronic Arts List of acquisitions by Hewlett-Packard List of acquisitions by Juniper Networks List of acquisitions by Nokia List of acquisitions by Oracle List of acquisitions by Sony Corporation
  • DH Only original bets are lost on dealer blackjack Key: S = Stand H = Hit Dh = Double (if not allowed, then hit) Ds = Double (if not allowed, then stand) SP = Split SU = Surrender (if not allowed, then hit) The bulk of basic strategy is common to all blackjack games, with most rule variations calling for changes in only a few situations.
  • DBL Baggage-Club-Lounge #1304 Chief Manakaja Lounge General Carr (10 sections, likely utilized as crew Dormitory space) Fred Harvey Company Diner #1472 Sleeper Glen Ewen (6 compartments, 3 drawing rooms) Sleeper Laurel Wood (8 sections, 2 compartments, 1 drawing room) Sleeper-Observation-Lounge Crystal Bay (3 compartments, 2 drawing rooms) A typical "mixed" Chief consist as of January 31, 1938 (the Chief regularly included heavyweight head-end cars in its consist, even into the late 1940s): 4-6-4 "Hudson"-type Steam Locomotive #3460 (also known as the "Blue Goose") Railway Post Office #79 (heavyweight) Baggage #1894 (heavyweight) Baggage-Buffet-Lounge #1380 San Miguel (also included a barber shop) Sleeper Otowi (17 roomettes) Sleeper Ganado (14 sections) Sleeper Toreva (8 sections, 2 compartments, 2 double bedrooms) Sleeper Mankoweap (4 compartments, 2 drawing rooms, 4 Dbl.
  • DUH
  • NATL

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