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How to spell DAIN correctly?

If you've made the common misspelling "dain", fear not! The correct spelling you're likely searching for is "vain". This word refers to an excessive pride in one's appearance or accomplishments. Remember, spellcheck is your friend in avoiding such minor spelling errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell dain correctly

  • cain
  • dais The speaker stood on the dais to deliver his address to the audience.
  • Dan Dan was excited to try the new restaurant that just opened in town.
  • Darin
  • darn I can't find my keys, darn it!
  • dawn The sun began to rise and the dawn brought new hope for the day ahead.
  • din The din of the busy city street made it hard to hear my friend talking.
  • drain Don't forget to close the drain after you finish taking a shower.
  • fain I would fain have a cup of tea.
  • gain If you want to lose weight, you must gain self-control and adopt healthy habits.
  • jain
  • Lain She had lain in the same position for hours, unable to move due to the excruciating pain in her back.
  • main The main character in the book was a young girl who discovered a hidden talent for music.
  • pain
  • rain The rain fell softly on the roof, lulling me into a peaceful sleep.
  • vain She spends hours in front of the mirror, trying to perfect her appearance, but her efforts are in vain.
  • wain The farmer loaded his hay on the wain and took it to the barn.

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