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How to spell DAINED correctly?

If you meant to write "dained", there could be several correct suggestions for the correct spelling. It could be "drained", meaning emptied, "stained", indicating discoloration or "gained", referring to obtaining or acquiring something. Verify the intended meaning and context to ensure the accurate usage of the word.

List of suggestions on how to spell dained correctly

  • dainty She ate the dainty sandwich with great care, as if afraid to disturb its delicate perfection.
  • damned I can't believe I failed the exam again, I am damned.
  • darned I can't believe my favorite shirt has a darned hole in it!
  • Dawned It dawned on me that I had left my keys at home.
  • Dined Last night we dined at a fancy restaurant with great ambiance.
  • Dinged When I dropped my phone, it dinged against the pavement and now the screen is cracked.
  • Dinned The loud music dinned in my ears, making it difficult for me to think clearly.
  • Donned
  • downed During the storm, numerous trees were downed on the streets, making it difficult for cars to pass.
  • drained After running a marathon, I feel completely drained of energy.
  • Dunned The landlord dunned him several times for the pending rent but he kept ignoring him.
  • Gained
  • pained Emily's face was pained as she recounted the details of her difficult breakup.
  • Rained Yesterday, it rained heavily and I got completely soaked while walking home from school.
  • tanned After a week on the beach, her skin was beautifully tanned.

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