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How to spell DAMAED correctly?

Possible correct suggestions to the misspelling "damaed" are "damaged" and "maimed". These words both refer to a state of physical injury or harm. Other alternatives may include "wounded", "injured" or "hurt". It is important to double-check spelling to ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell damaed correctly

  • damage The hurricane caused extensive damage to homes and businesses.
  • damaged
  • dame The dame was known for her kindness and generosity in the community.
  • dames The club was filled with old dames drinking tea and chatting about their grandchildren.
  • Dammed The river was dammed to provide hydroelectric power.
  • damned The damned figure continued to haunt her dreams.
  • Damped The damped vibrations of the guitar strings resulted in a softer sound.
  • dared She dared to ask for a raise even though her boss seemed hostile.
  • dated I found an old and dated magazine at the doctor's office.
  • dazed As she stumbled out of the haunted house, she was left feeling dazed and disoriented.
  • demand The demand for new smartphones has increased in recent years.
  • dimmed My flashlight is dimmed.
  • domed The domed ceiling is a beautiful feature of the room.
  • dumped I was dumped last night and it wasn't anywhere close to the best night of my life.
  • Famed The famed singer gave an incredible performance that left the audience in awe.
  • Gamed
  • Lamed
  • named The cat was named Spot.
  • tamed She had to be tamed, otherwise she would have ruined everything.
  • Tamped After filling the hole with soil, he tamped it down with his foot to make sure it was flat.

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