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How to spell DARCK correctly?

For those who accidentally spell "darck" instead of "dark", fear not, for there are simple correct suggestions available. The correct spelling of "dark" can easily be auto-corrected by most word processors or you can reference a dictionary for accuracy. Mistakes happen, but with these suggestions, you'll never misspell "dark" again.

List of suggestions on how to spell darck correctly

  • arc The rainbow formed an arc over the sky.
  • ark Noah's ark was built to save the animals from the great flood.
  • back I need to go back to the store to buy some milk.
  • bark
  • dace
  • dank I went into the basement and it smelled dank and musty.
  • Dar I found Dar on the street.
  • Darcy
  • dare I dare you to try the spicy chicken wings.
  • dark The forest was so dark that I couldn't see my own hand in front of my face.
  • darn I really am a darn fool for thinking this would work.
  • dart I'll dart you a rose.
  • deck The deck was sticky from dried sweat.
  • Derek Bill is married to Derek.
  • Derick Derick is an interesting name.
  • dick The manager asked the employee if he had seen the company's new dick drawing.
  • dirk He unsheathed his dirk to defend himself from the intruder.
  • dock
  • dork I always feel like a bit of a dork when I wear my glasses.
  • duck The duck was swimming in the pond with her baby ducklings.
  • hack He was able to quickly hack into the computer system and retrieve the lost files.
  • hark
  • jack My jack is missing.
  • lack She failed the test due to her lack of studying.
  • lark
  • mack My car is a Mack truck.
  • marc I bought a Marc Jacobs bag at Club Monaco.
  • mark I made a mark on the wall with a permanent marker.
  • narc I don't hang out with him anymore, he is a narc and I don't want to get in trouble.
  • nark
  • pack I'm going to pack my suitcase and leave for my vacation tomorrow.
  • PARC The PARC research center in California has developed numerous revolutionary technologies over the years.
  • park
  • rack
  • sack
  • tack She used a tack to hang the picture on the wall.

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