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How to spell DARGER correctly?

If you're looking for corrections to the misspelling "darger", there are a few possibilities. It could be "danger", meaning something risky or hazardous. Alternatively, it might be "dagger", referring to a sharp-bladed weapon. Finally, "larger" could also be what you meant, indicating something of a greater size or magnitude.

List of suggestions on how to spell darger correctly

  • arguer The arguer presented a convincing argument that left everyone in the room speechless.
  • auger She used an auger to drill into the rock.
  • badger The badger dug a tunnel under the fence to get to the other side.
  • barge The crane lifted the heavy cargo onto the waiting barge.
  • cadger The cadger begged for money outside the grocery store.
  • Carder The police arrested the carder who had stolen thousands of credit card details.
  • carter
  • charger I forgot to bring my phone charger on vacation and now my battery is dead.
  • dagger The assassin brandished a keen-edged dagger.
  • daggers Sam wielding a pair of daggers entered the room.
  • danger There is a great danger of falling from this cliff.
  • danker My new car smells danker than my old car.
  • dare I don't dare to eat spicy food.
  • Darer He was a darer, always seeking out new challenges and pushing himself outside of his comfort zone.
  • darken
  • darker I feel darker after talking to her.
  • Darner The darner came over to fix the hole in my sock.
  • darter The darter fish swiftly darted through the water to catch its prey.
  • Dater He is an avid dater who enjoys meeting new people and trying out new experiences.
  • dearer The memories of our time together grow dearer to me with each passing day.
  • digger I heard a digger coming down the street.
  • dirge The funeral procession passed through the quiet town, their somber dirge echoing off the buildings.
  • dodger The Dodger Stadium is one of my favorite places to watch a baseball game.
  • drier The sun came out and made the ground drier.
  • durer She endured the long durer.
  • eager I am eager to learn more about your research.
  • garter My best friend's wedding was in garter belt.
  • lager I prefer to drink lager with my burgers instead of wine.
  • large
  • larger The larger bag is heavier.
  • marge Marge enjoys reading mystery novels in her spare time.
  • pager
  • sager
  • Sarge " Sarge, we need to regroup and come up with a new plan," said the soldier to his commanding officer.
  • Tagger She's been a big tagger on her wall
  • target I'm trying to hit the target.
  • wager I am willing to place a wager that my team will win the game tomorrow.

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