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How to spell DATAE correctly?

If you accidentally misspelled "datae", here are some possible correct suggestions. You might have meant "date", referring to a specific day or time. "Dated" could indicate something written or created on a particular date. "Dates" can represent a fruit or a romantic engagement. Verify the context to select the appropriate correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell datae correctly

  • ate Yesterday, I ate a delicious slice of chocolate cake.
  • dada Dada was an art movement founded in Zurich in 1916.
  • Danae Danae was a character of Greek mythology, who was locked up by her father to prevent her from having a child.
  • dante
  • dat
  • data I have collected a large amount of data for my research project.
  • date
  • dated I found a letter dated from 1950 in my grandfather's old chest.
  • Dater
  • dates I need to check my calendar to confirm the dates of the meeting.
  • dative In German grammar, the direct object is always in the accusative case and the indirect object is in the dative case.
  • dotage My father's age has started to show in his walking, and he seems more dotage than ever.
  • dote As a grandmother, I dote on my grandchildren and spoil them with love and gifts.
  • tatar Tatar cuisine is known for its savory pastries and meat dishes.
  • tate I have a new piece of furniture called a tate.

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