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How to spell DATAED correctly?

The correct spelling of the word might be "dated", referring to the process of assigning a date to something. Alternatively, if the intended meaning is related to storing or organizing information, the correct spelling could be "data."

List of suggestions on how to spell dataed correctly

  • bated
  • dared He dared to try the spicy wings, even though he knew he couldn't handle the heat.
  • Darted The rabbit darted across the field, trying to avoid the predator.
  • dastard He is such a dastard for leaving his girlfriend when she needed him the most.
  • data The data collected in the survey will be analyzed to determine consumer preferences.
  • date
  • dated The clothes he wore to the party were so dated that they looked like they came from a different era.
  • Dater The online dater was disappointed to find out that the person they were talking to was not as they presented themselves.
  • dates I'm going out with my dates on Saturday night.
  • dazed I was still dazed from being hit in the head with the rock.
  • dotard She accused him of being a dotard, to his face.
  • Doted My mother doted on me, even though she never really showed it.
  • dotted The dog's coat was covered in small, black dotted spots.
  • dratted
  • fated It seems that we were fated to meet each other at this exact moment.
  • Gated Residents of the gated community are not allowed to cross the security fence.
  • hated I hated the rainy weather because it made everything so miserable.
  • mated The two dogs were mated and produced a litter of puppies.
  • Rated This movie is rated R for violence and sex.
  • sated After eating the large pizza all by himself, he finally felt sated.
  • tatted She showed off her tatted sleeve tattoos at the party.

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