How to spell DATTE correctly?

We think the word datte is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell datte correctly

  • ate We know that he ate meat.
  • dad Dad didn't mention things of this sort.
  • daft But it's only richt to say that the wife tells me I'm no to think of doing any such daft thing, and that my managers agree wi' her.
  • dante One would think little of it comparatively, were it not that Dante is so full of tenderness and grand religion.
  • dart Any ordinary thief would be terrified to touch a tree from which this was suspended, he would expect that the next time he went to the sea, a fish of the said description would dart up and mortally wound him.
  • darter Livin' here with my darter, owin' to my leg.
  • dat Den I don't want fo' to go to dat house; dat's whar I run away from.
  • data He had worked so hard to collect data.
  • date On examining the date indicated as that of her arrival, I found it to be no later than tomorrow.
  • dated The message is dated last Wednesday.
  • dative
  • ddt Dr. Turlington was so impressed with Sarah's ddt that she offered her a job as a research scientist.
  • deter I am trying to deter him from doing that.
  • diet
  • ditto The teacher said, "Please say your name and then add 'ditto' after it.
  • ditty I've got a ditty to sing
  • dot
  • dote She doted on her little sister.
  • dotted John always dots his i's with a "i" instead of a "j".
  • dotty
  • duet I am a solo artist, but I would love to duet with you sometime.
  • hatted I placed my hat on the hat stand.
  • matte She opted for a matte lipstick to offset her natural lip color.
  • matted I need to get my hair mats out so it can dry.
  • state
  • tat I have a tat of my dog on my arm.
  • tate I think my tate is haunted.
  • tater
  • tatter My trousers are tattered after being dragged through the mud.
  • tattle The mother cat tattled to the other cats about the sparrow.
  • tatty The old curtains were tatty and needed repair.
  • tote The store clerk was so tired from carrying all the bags that she tote them all the way home.
  • Batted
  • Darted I darted into the other room to hide.
  • Dater I only date guys my age or older.
  • Doter Doter is a new social network that connects people with talented professionals.
  • Patted
  • Ratted That ratchet dress is way too ratty for my cirque performance.
  • Vatted Her hair was pulled back into a bun, and her glasses were giving her a professorial appearance.
  • latte My friend and I were just discussing our morning caffeine routine when she whipped out her latte.
  • dates I had a really nice date with Rachel last night.
  • tatted
  • catted

Misspelling of the day


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  • cream
  • creamed
  • creamer
  • creamier
  • creams
  • creamy
  • crease
  • create
  • creme