Correct spelling for DAWER

We think the word dawer is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for dawer

  • awe I flew forthe to welcome her, and as I drew near, she lookt upon me with such a Kind of Awe as that I could not forbeare laughing.
  • dace Sometimes, we caught a chub as much as four inches long; and on rare occasions, when a "horned dace, a five incher" was secured, the boy who got him was a hero.
  • dagger Bothwell was already in Liddesdale, where he had been severely wounded, in an attempt to seize John Elliot, of the Parke, a desperate freebooter; and happy had it been for Mary, had the dagger of the moss-trooper struck more home.
  • dale Mr. Dale drank it off at a single draught.
  • dame He's showing his gratitude, poor chap-just like the juggler of Notre- Dame in the story.
  • dane I might as well enquire of the Dane beastie.
  • dapper "Ma'am," said a little dapper and dirty personage, in a blue jacket, with a greasy napkin negligently thrown over one arm "ex officio," "Ma'am, did you call?"
  • dare He told how lonesome he had been in the dear Old Briar-patch on the Green Meadows because he didn't dare to go about for fear of Old Man Coyote, and how at last he had decided to visit the Old Pasture.
  • darter The Deacon, you know, was with me in Washinton a short time, wen I first went there, and his darter Jerusha Matilda went down to Port Royal to teach the contrybands their primmers.
  • date The date was the 27th of January, so I had spent twenty four days on the road.
  • dauber "Thomas Pottage, with knife and cudgel"; "William Mouse, with knife and cudgel"; "Long John, with knife and cudgel"; "Adam Piper and Robert Skut, with knife and bill"; "John Cosy, Hamo Garlicman, Robert Rubbleyard, John Stutter, Roger Dauber, William Boardcleaver, William Merrygo, Nicholas Skip, Alice Brokedish's Servant,"-all with knife and cudgel again.
  • dawes And John Dawes, with his pipe in full blast, made a first-rate camp-fire companion, for his experiences in his own line had been large and chequered.
  • dawn That idea of Hadleigh Wood at dawn held no attraction for him.
  • daze He was in a daze yet, and the voices of Jennie and her mother seemed far away, indeed.
  • dealer 12,435. Have you known of any dealer other than yourself who has attempted to introduce that system?
  • deer He was himself little of a talker except when after victory he was loud and long in his boasting; but he loved nothing better than to listen when the shamans told tales, as they sat on winter evenings around a lodge fire, or as they lay during the long summer twilights on the soft dried grass, of the transformations of human beings into otter, bear or deer forms, of the pursuit of evil demons, of magic incantations.
  • dewar On the other hand, Mr. and Mrs. Dewar at Cotmore were perfectly good to their four sons, but the only daughter distinctly ruled the roost.
  • dewey I had not then noticed that the American pronunciation of " Dewey" is "Dooey," and that the liquid "yoo" is very seldom heard in America.
  • diaper
  • doer
  • dowel
  • dower
  • downer
  • dowser
  • drawer
  • dyer
  • ewer
  • tower
  • twee
  • wader
  • water
  • Dabber A strong copper-plate ink is then well rubbed in by means of a dabber, after which the ink from the surface is removed, first with a coarse piece of muslin and finally, with fine muslin.
  • Darer And yet not wholly so. Exquisite echoes of his own swan-song Forbid mere murmuring mournfulness; the glow Of its great hope illumes us. Sleep, thou strong Full tide, as over the unmeaning bar Fares this unfaltering darer of the deep, Beaconed by a Great Light, the pilot-star Of valiant souls, who keep Through the long strife of thought-life free from scathe The luminous guidance of the larger faith.
  • Darner So the stocking-darner was wrapped and tied and handed over to Susan, who, without a single qualm, watched Letty take the precious quarter from its resting-place in the green pocketbook and hand it across the counter.
  • Dasher Remove the dasher and scrape it off.
  • Dater "Now, dater, I tell you bout the loom and weaving next time!"
  • DWI
  • Dar "Lemme put it dar.
  • Dave The presence of Sam Pelchie and Dave Purvis disturbed him.
  • darker In the first place she called them to witness that the room was darker than usual, and had all the lights turned on.
  • dewier
  • deader Miss Wharf hadn't time to call out, and was a deader in two minutes, for aunty froze on to her like death.
  • rawer
  • dearer 8432. But can you mention any one article, such as cotton or cloth, which is dearer here than at Lerwick?
  • deafer I'm deafer than an adder- Deaf as the stone-wall Johnny Looney built Around the frog that worried him with croaking.

34 words made from the letters dawer

3 letter words made from dawer:

are, ear, daw, red, ade, dew, wed, dre, war, raw, rad, wad, awe, era.

4 letter words made from dawer:

5 letter words made from dawer:

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