Correct spelling for DAYLIE

We think the word daylie is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for daylie

  • dahlia Dahlia was laughing now.
  • daily A few months later Railway Wood became a scene of much mining activity, and mines and camouflets were sprung either by the British or the Germans almost daily.
  • dale "Yes," said Mr. Dale.
  • dali Administrative divisions: 19 governorates (muhafazat, singular - muhafazah); Abyan, 'Adan, Ad Dali', Al Bayda', Al Hudaydah, Al Jawf, Al Mahrah, Al Mahwit, 'Amran, Dhamar, Hadramawt, Hajjah, Ibb, Lahij, Ma'rib, Sa'dah, San'a', Shabwah, Ta'izz note: there may be one additional governorate of the capital city of Sanaa
  • dallier Screaming electric, the atmosphere using, At random glancing, each as I notice absorbing, Swiftly on, but a little while alighting, Curious envelop'd messages delivering, Sparkles hot, seed ethereal down in the dirt dropping, Myself unknowing, my commission obeying, to question it never daring, To ages and ages yet the growth of the seed leaving, To troops out of the war arising, they the tasks I have set promulging, To women certain whispers of myself bequeathing, their affection me more clearly explaining, To young men my problems offering-no dallier I-I the muscle of their brains trying, So I pass, a little time vocal, visible, contrary, Afterward a melodious echo, passionately bent for, (death making me really undying,) The best of me then when no longer visible, for toward that I have been incessantly preparing.
  • deli Immediately after the capture of the pass, the Turks were pursued as far as the village of Kara Tepe, thirteen miles north of the pass and about twenty-five miles north of Deli Abbas, through which the Turks were driven on December 5, 1917, after a sharp engagement.
  • dole We can well imagine that the young Greek, fresh from the schools of Ionia, was a livelier companion at dinner than the proud Roman man of letters who snatched the dole and disdained himself for receiving it.
  • tale This is a tale I bring to thee of sorrow and shame.
  • wylie You are Mr. Jackson Wylie, Senior?
  • Dailies My duties on the paper were light and pecuniarily of no importance, though the "Post" was the journal which, of all the New York dailies, paid most attention to art, and had the highest authority in questions of culture.
  • Dallied It is perfectly impossible that he could have sustained so radiant and benevolent a graciousness to all sorts and conditions of men, had not his animal spirits been sustained by the ever-present recollection that the little key which dangled from his watch-chain, and with which he constantly dallied when any of his ten fingers were disengaged from hand-shaking, kept watch and ward over his lady's will.
  • Tali The inner arch of the foot is maintained by a very important ligament called the calcaneo-navicular or spring ligament; it connects the sustentaculum tali of the calcaneum with the navicular, and upon it the head of the astragalus rests.
  • Doyle Then what, may I beg to know, did you mean by your damned story about Barney Doyle, and the hydrophobia, and Cusack Rooney's thumb-eh?
  • Daley The footboys, Mick Kelly and Tim Daley, were habited in new liveries, of the same colour as Dan's, and stood behind the coach, in which were ensconced my mother, two sisters, and the happy bridegroom.
  • Dollie Then he runs over the names of such regular vaudevillians as Grace La Rue, Nat Wills, Trixie Friganza, Harry Fox and Yansci Dollie, Emma Carus, Sam and Kitty Morton, Walter C. Kelly, Conroy and LeMaire, Jack Wilson, Hyams and McIntyre, and Frank Fogarty.
  • dallies So we dallies with Canaps Barbizon, Portage de la Reine, breasts of milk-fed pheasants, and such trifles as that.

91 words made from the letters daylie

3 letter words made from daylie:

die, ida, ade, lid, ail, lie, dal, led, ali, yea, lye, lay, eld, lea, aid, lei, ley, dye, dia, day, lad, dle, ale.

5 letter words made from daylie:

delay, delai, adeli, yelda, aldie, laide, yield, dealy, ideal, diaye, lydia, yadel, dialy, ylide, daily, alide, layed, lidya, deily, dalei, leidy, yalie, eliad, ailey.

4 letter words made from daylie:

dlya, ayed, dial, aide, daei, deal, dyle, yeda, aidy, eday, lied, deli, aiye, dale, elia, laie, leda, laid, daie, deyi, lyde, dail, aldy, yali, lade, ealy, eady, liad, lady, diye, idle, dali, yale, dyal, liye, idly, yeld, idea, lead, dayi, eyad, elya, iyad, laye.

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