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How to spell DEAER correctly?

If you meant to type "dear" but accidentally wrote "deaer", don't worry! Autocorrect can sometimes be irritating. A few correct suggestions to fix the misspelling are "dear", "dearer" or "decree". Remember to review your text before sending to avoid these minor hiccups.

List of suggestions on how to spell deaer correctly

  • beater She used a whisk beater to blend the ingredients.
  • Dar
  • Darer The darer challenged the champion to a one-on-one match.
  • Dater I'm not a big dater, I prefer to just hang out with friends.
  • DEA
  • dead The flowers in the vase were dead, and needed to be thrown out.
  • deader
  • deaf The deaf child communicated with sign language.
  • deafer As he grew older, he became deafer and struggled to hear conversations.
  • deal
  • dealer I am looking for a reputable car dealer to buy a new vehicle from.
  • dean The dean of the college delivered the commencement speech.
  • dear My dear friend, I am always here for you.
  • dearer I'll always love you, dearer than anything in this world.
  • dears "Thank you for your wonderful support, dears," said the teacher to her students at the end of the school year.
  • deary " Deary, you forgot to take your medicine this morning," the nurse said to the elderly patient.
  • debar
  • decker My parents bought me a red decker lawnmower.
  • Dee Dee was a naughty girl.
  • deed He committed a good deed when he helped the elderly woman cross the street.
  • deem I deem it necessary to inform you that I will not be able to come to your party on Saturday.
  • deep The ocean is so deep that we have only explored a small portion of it.
  • deer I saw a deer outside my window.
  • deere John Deere is a popular brand of tractors and agricultural equipment.
  • defer I have decided to defer my enrollment to next year.
  • deicer I need to use a deicer to help get my car off the icy road.
  • denier The denier is not a scientist.
  • deter The fear of failure should not deter you from trying.
  • dewar
  • dewier I woke up to a dewier garden after a night of rain.
  • diaper
  • Dieter Dieter is trying to maintain a healthy diet by eating more fruits and vegetables.
  • doer The doer of the project was rewarded with a promotion.
  • drear The drear weather made it difficult to appreciate the beauty of the landscape.
  • dueler Joe is a formidable dueler.
  • dyer The dyer has been working all day.
  • e'er My love for you will remain as strong e'er after.
  • ear I wear earrings in my ear.
  • eater
  • header The header of the document contains important information such as the title and author's name.
  • heater
  • leader The new CEO is a strong and capable leader who inspires confidence in everyone around him.
  • neater My room is much neater since I cleaned it last week.
  • reader
  • tear I couldn't help but tear up when I watched the emotional scene in the movie.
  • teaser The movie studio released a teaser for their upcoming blockbuster film.

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