Correct spelling for DEBUE

We think the word debue is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for debue

  • Debs
  • The american railway union was an organization based on industrial lines, organized in june 1893, by eugene v. debs.

  • Debut
  • Faustina was born of a patrician family at venice in 1700; she had been brought up under the protection of alessandro marcello, brother of the well-known composer, and had made her debut at venice at the age of sixteen.

  • Debar
  • The bird, like most others, does not debar himself entirely from fruit diet, but enjoys berries, especially poke-berries.

  • Deb
  • One day deb had been shut out, when mary, the maidservant, who was sitting industriously stitching away, heard a rap-a-tap at the front door, announcing the arrival, as she supposed, of a visitor.

  • Dee
  • An' i knew i couldn't gentle 'leven into the i-dee, but i judged i could shock it into her-same as her an' the big lil kind have to hev.

  • Tube
  • Then, still keeping him under cover of the ugly-looking tube, she backed towards the door.

  • Debate
  • All the gayeties and gravities of the scene, however, gradually toned down as the serious debate of the evening came on; which was no other than the lamentable condition of the prospects of kilkieran, and the unanimous opinion of the ruinous consequences that must ensue from the absence of the proprietor.

  • Dob
  • Now, tcheik pointed out azawool, and azawool dob, and dob krooz el krazawik, and he bootlbac, and the drum-beater shrugged his shoulder at zeel, and zeel stood away from shafrac, and shafrac seized noorna and shouted, ''tis she, this woman, the witch!'

  • Deuce
  • Mademoiselle laurette, having overheard the dialogue, burst out laughing, as she said: "i'd have sent that fellow to the deuce in short measure.

  • Debase
  • The genuine irishman, who regards his native isle as the greenest and fairest the sun ever smiled to shine upon, will tell you that, giving due weight to many obvious but secondary influences, the degradation and misery which debase and crush such masses of his countrymen must be ascribed to the fact that ireland, which could once boast of national independence, a regal sovereign, and a royal parliament, is now a mere appendage to the english crown, without a name, a flag, or a senate; an oppressed colony crouching under a hated yoke of vassalage; a captive province paying tribute to a conqueror, who, having robbed it of nationality, appoints its rulers, dictates its laws, prescribes its ritual, plunders its wealth, tarnishes its reputation, and scoffs at its complainings.

  • Db
  • Db. : by water.

  • Debit
  • At any rate, that night skinner jotted down:- dress-suit account debit credit a certain constraint on the part of mclaughlin.

  • Dubber
  • Harrisons destructive film dubber, the xdubber, is based on ardour.

  • Daub
  • That garish daub which was sopped up from the burning homes of men and bespattered over the forest's dark crest was already mellowing under the gentler touch of dawn, when the three travelers gained the open country.

  • Debby
  • "and i may lay a deal of it on myself," mrs. tugwell began to moan, as soon as he was gone; "for i have cockered dan up, and there's no denying it, afore tim, or tryphena, or tabby, or debby, or even little solomon.

  • Debug
  • Query campagne debug?

  • Hebe
  • It was hebe who was faithless.

  • Dauber
  • With the man whom i always mistrusted, that dauber who wanted to paint alba's portrait-but whose desires i nipped in the bud-with the fellow who degraded himself by a shameful marriage for money, and who calls himself an artist-with that american-with lincoln maitland!"

  • Zebu
  • Friar martin de rada remained in zebu, and the rest of the clergy accompanied the general in the conquest of manila.

  • Debt
  • My dear lady, i am already in your debt for permitting my scape-grace nephew and me to know you and your daughter.

  • Derby
  • Rode two suburban winners; two brooklyn handicaps; carter handicap; the grand prix, france; the metropolitan handicap; the english derby-oh, shucks!

  • Dub
  • They drink my whiskies, smoke my cigars, and dub me an old mick behind my back.

  • Dabber
  • A dabber or ball.

  • Debra
  • On the 17th of april theodore went to gaffat, stopped at the foot of the hillock on which it is built, sent for the europeans, and told them that he had received a letter from mr. flad, containing serious matters, and that, as he could not trust them far from him, they must go to debra tabor until mr. flad's return, when all would be explained; he added that he had also heard that preparations for the reception of troops were being made at kedaref, and that "if he was to be killed, they would die first."

  • Dab
  • To add a touch of the artistic to the picture of destruction, the yolks of a dozen eggs gave a dab of yellow to the southeast corner.

  • Debbie
  • It doesn't matter about me, but don't let the others think-it would be too undignified, darling-a casual acquaintance-though a dear, good boy as ever lived- there was nobody like him, deb, and he was my all- no, no, mary- you don't know, debbie-oh, nobody knows!

  • Due
  • In due course the landlord came himself and told me that he could not oblige me until the next day.

  • Cebu
  • That of the island of cebu, is esteemed superior to the cocoa of guayaquil, and possibly it is not excelled by that of soconusco.

16 words made from the letters debue

3 letter words made from debue:

bee, due, bud, deb, dub, bed.

4 letter words made from debue:

bedu, dube, bede, debe, deeb, beed, ebed, bude.

5 letter words made from debue:

dubee, bedeu.