Correct spelling for DEBUR

We think the word debur is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for debur

  • Debora
  • The child dorian slept on the cushioned settle, for he was sorely spoilt by debora, who would not have him go above stairs till she carried him up herself.

  • Dub
  • Plead with king ailmar that he dub me knight, that i may prove me worthy of thy love.

  • Dab
  • Blime, g 2 can pop up and down mighty nigh as quick as a dab chick.

  • Deer
  • While crossing the lonely moor between new deer and methlick, thom was as usual a little in advance, i following on the same old pony the best way i could close at his heels, when all at once a man took hold of his horse by the reins and asked him the road to new deer.

  • Debby
  • "i fetched home a whole pile of them newspapers," continued debby.

  • Derby
  • 104; "free," 152, 153 aiguillon taken by the earl of derby, ii.

  • Cebu
  • He did not care to touch the second cup of chocolate nor to taste the sweet cakes of cebu; instead, he paced thoughtfully about the spacious sala, crumpling in his bony hands the letters, which he read from time to time.

  • Debs
  • And we gave due note to the role of court injunctions in the debs strike of 1894 and in other strikes.

  • Bur
  • Friend, says he, i have heard you ask five or six people, as i followed you, your way to bur street.

  • Dour
  • And then down came the rope, and i fell; and i got sich a dour on the head!

  • Daub
  • For such dreams are not easily shaped into speech to awake the slow sympathies of human auditors; and they would only have sorely perplexed and troubled the poor old man bedridden in his corner, who, for his part, whenever he had trodden the streets of antwerp, had thought the daub of blue and red that they called a madonna, on the walls of the wine-shop where he drank his sou's worth of black beer, quite as good as any of the famous altar-pieces for which the stranger folk travelled far and wide into flanders from every land on which the good sun shone.

  • Debut
  • The securing of that girl's debut was certainly not a high price to pay for all the influence of duvillard's millions.

  • Dabber
  • A press, a plate-warmer, an ink-slab, a muller, a dabber or ball, rags for wiping, printing-ink, paper.

  • Detour
  • Making a wide detour, and carefully concealing his approach by keeping the hillocks between himself and the ponies, he would get as near as he possibly could without being seen.

  • Debtor
  • Now remember, sir, the fugitive is not to be delivered up, as a mass of flesh, or inanimate matter, belonging to the claimant, but as a debtor, in the phraseology of your own law, "owing service or labor."

  • Debt
  • 16,514. even among men who appear upon the books of the merchant with whom they deal to be in his debt to some extent?

  • Debit
  • And later skinner jotted down:- dress-suit account debit credit one new experience.

  • Debar
  • In 1679 an exclusion bill was brought forward which would debar prince james from the throne, because of his conversion to roman catholicism.

  • Debug
  • Time sharing should enhance the flexibility of the system by making it easier to generate and debug new programs, in addition to improving the accessibility.

  • Zebu
  • Debra
  • I wondered, staring at debra.

  • Demur
  • Hur gazed with justifiable pride at son and grandson; for though both had attained much consideration among the egyptians they had followed their father's messenger without demur, leaving behind them many who were dear to their hearts, and the property gained in memphis, to join their wandering nation and share its uncertain destiny.

  • Dubber
  • Debars
  • A competent knowledge of english grammar is also in itself a valuable attainment, which is within the easy reach of many young persons whose situation in life debars them from the pursuit of general literature.

  • Debbie
  • Oh, debbie darling, i won't deceive you-i am not going shopping; i am going into melbourne to get married-to get married quietly and have done with it, so as not to be a nuisance to you any more.

  • Dob
  • As he speaks, the young lady in question enters-so obviously arrayed for conquest, in so patently new a hat, and such immaculate pale gloves, that across burgoyne's mind there flashes, in vexed mirth, the recollection of the immortal caution addressed by major o'dowd to his friend and comrade, "moind your oi, dob, my boy!" would he not do well to repeat it to his friend?

  • Devour
  • In the hospital there is poisoning; they burn innocent bedding, or they make a ring of cossacks, and people may starve to death or devour each other as they choose.

  • Dauber
  • These poor wretches were denounced as 'scabs' and 'wastrels' by the unemployed workmen but all the same, whenever dauber and botchit wanted some extra hands they never had any difficulty in obtaining them, and it often happened that those who had been loudest and bitterest in their denunciations were amongst the first to rush off eagerly to apply there for a job whenever there was a chance of getting one.

  • Deb
  • Thence to the 'change back again, leaving him, and took my wife and deb.

  • Db
  • 1 4 5 3 6 2 bc + db' + h'c' + eh + k'e' + ka' > da'{0} + d{1}, - = - = -= - = =

  • Dear
  • "dear little girlie," he said kindly, "i love you to be useless."

  • Debark
  • Let us debark upon its shores; let us pierce the secret depths of its forests; let us climb its mighty mountains, and traverse its table-plains.

31 words made from the letters debur

3 letter words made from debur:

bud, due, rue, rub, red, bur, urd, dre, dub, bed, deb, reb.

4 letter words made from debur:

bure, beru, reub, breu, drub, bude, rude, bedu, rube, dube, deru, ebur, edur, beur, ebru, urde, brue.

5 letter words made from debur:

burde, buder.