Correct spelling for DECAILERED

We think the word decailered is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for decailered

  • Cleared(Definition of cleared)
  • But all was not over for the day, for now, when the cut was cleared, the shot-firing began.

  • Decried
  • And, at the same time, in addition to this outburst of piety, ignorance was decried and stigmatized as the source of the prevailing evils; the function of teaching was included amongst the duties of the religious estate; and every newly-founded or reformed monastery became a school in which pupils of all conditions were gratuitously instructed in the sciences known by the name of liberal arts.

  • Decelerate(Definition of decelerate)
  • The rocket would approach the moon in an elliptical path, correct its heading to a north-south line relative to the planet and decelerate in a tight spiral.

  • Deplored(Definition of Deplored)
  • In it madame touched with a light discretion on what had passed, deplored with pretty gravity the waywardness of men, and her own simplicity which made her a prey to their devices and rendered her less useful to her friends than she desired to be.

  • Declare(Definition of declare)
  • Did i not declare that he must remain until we had made trial of his capacity as fritzchen's tutor?"

    Won't you write and declare That though on the loose You are still on the square

    – Bye Bye Baby by Frank Sinatra
  • Decreed(Definition of decreed)
  • 8. so his lordship decreed, with a grave, solemn tone, decisive and clear, without one if or but, that whenever the nose put his spectacles on, by daylight or candlelight,-eyes should be shut.

  • Decollete(Definition of decollete)
  • When they rose from table, gittel sought out a place removed from the "upper end," and sat down in a window, but presently the bride's mother, also in decollete, caught sight of her, and went and took her by the hand.

  • Declined(Definition of Declined)
  • Si'wren respectfully declined to do likewise.

  • Declares
  • He declares the "rough necks" among the students is not their fault but the fault of the teachers.

  • Ex-Claims
  • Tailored(Definition of tailored)
  • Colored(Definition of colored)
  • There she could see a little girl walking about in the long upper gallery-sometimes alone and sometimes with a colored woman, her nurse.

  • Declared(Definition of declared)
  • "well, that's the way i feel, at any rate," declared nora.

  • Declaimed(Definition of Declaimed)
  • She was shading her eyes with her hand and looking tense in a way isabel declaimed against, for it made wrinkles in her mother's nice forehead.

  • Declarer(Definition of declarer)
  • It is self-evident that "c" cannot be used as often as "b," so the declarer who likes always to say something will prefer "b," but the bidder who wishes, when he calls, to have distinct value attached to his announcement, will elect in favor of "c" rather than "b," and for the same reason will find "d" the best system of all.

326 words made from the letters decailered

3 letter words made from decailered:

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4 letter words made from decailered:

5 letter words made from decailered:

daele, laird, dacre, riede, leard, arede, adeli, edler, arced, dirce, alcid, recai, adree, ceral, alire, laide, dirca, derai, ridel, delee, clere, creel, cilea, leira, deair, driel, dedee, dedal, aerie, lader, aldie, cladi, deice, ardee, ereli, riced, acide, aired, readd, laced, deere, erice, reial, erdei, eldar, creal, dared, caril, edcel, caere, reede, erdal, areel, decir, alide, delic, eider, aredd, diele, reile, dread, dicer, dered, decal, raide, edale, eader, lider, dirac, deild, cedre, aided, leare, cadre, cidra, adder, cider, radle, acree, larid, deira, arled, leder, acier, cidre, ideal, crede, relic, alred, riedl, dedic, clier, ceder, addle, adire, ercel, arild, cedar, icade, ledra, dreed, eared, reali, eldad, eliad, clear, elric, idler, reded, leear, lacer, cerae, licra, elder, ridda, clied, eerie, lirae, reale, eiler, laedc, redid, delai, relie, riled, cadle, arcee, ladic, celer, clade, deida, alere, deeda, caled, drace, reila, erede, deede, reald, dadri, caire, dried, dalei, ledda, ildar, creed, crile, diler, adric, creil, cided, acrid, alier, lacri, idrac, adred, darle, eleia, alder, drice, caddr, didar, ledee, arcel, liera, elide, daler, lidar, daled, redec, aerdi, deele, dacer, erica, diede, laded, eldir.