How to spell DECAN correctly?

The correct spelling for "decan" could be "decanal", which refers to something pertaining to or of the dean of a cathedral or collegiate church. Another suggestion could be "decanter", which is a vessel used for holding and pouring out liquid, often wine or liquor.

List of suggestions on how to spell decan correctly

  • can
  • Dan
  • deacon The deacon helped to coordinate the church's charitable efforts.
  • dean The dean announced that the college was offering new scholarships.
  • Deana The teacher asked Deana to answer the question.
  • Deann I met Deann at a conference last year.
  • dec
  • decaf I refuse to drink decaf.
  • decagon
  • decal
  • decant I like to decant my wine into a beautiful glass carafe before serving it to my guests.
  • decay The decay of the ecosystem is causing a decline in the population of fish.
  • Decca The Decca records company was founded in 1927.
  • Deccan There is a Deccan plateau in India that is fifth largest in the world.
  • deck The deck was pretty dirty.
  • den I think I left my den in the closet.
  • Dena Dena could care less about the party.
  • Deon He is my Deon.
  • duncan I can't believe that Duncan is here.
  • jean
  • pecan I love to use pecans in my homemade pecan pie recipe.

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