Correct spelling for DECLARETION

We think the word declaretion is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for declaretion

  • Declamation(Definition of declamation)
  • The poem is not a speech, but a work of art, and the speaker must be clearly conceived, his emotion sympathetically realized, and given, not to an audience, but to an imaginary listener; thus all the delicacy and tenderness may be truthfully revealed and declamation and unnaturalness avoided.

  • Declarations
  • As long as these powers flattered themselves that the menace of force would produce the effect of force, they acted on those declarations; but when their menaces failed of success, their efforts took a new direction.

  • Declaration(Definition of declaration)
  • Strongly as wellington's sympathies ran with the aim of this declaration, he emphatically repudiated it.

  • Declination(Definition of declination)
  • These gradual changes in the forms assumed by the lines in their translatory motions, and which so unequally modify the amount of eastern and western declination, in the course of time render it difficult to trace the transitions and analogies of forms in the graphic representations belonging to different centuries.

  • Decoration(Definition of decoration)
  • The choir-stalls are also lavishly ornamented with the linen-fold decoration.

  • Deceleration
  • Even at ten gravities of deceleration, it took several hours to reduce their speed to a point which would make it possible to head for any planet of the tiny sun.

817 words made from the letters declaretion

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adric, alien, celan, ceron, cadet, cirta, cerdo, arete, anted, arlit, cerat, cater, alito, arico, altin, aereo, actor, aiton, arcel, caton, aoide, aline, anode, calot, carno, aledo, aodin, cando, adeli, citee, aloni, cinar, actin, centi, clade, antle, ardee, adlon, anier, cinto, cient, alone, anido, altri, ceral, calor, acide, alier, acree, cador, atlin, acold, arede, anile, atone, ancol, ancre, alite, cedar, aired, aneto, acone, airod, canoe, catli, cladi, caner, atelo, adone, arine, clain, ceren, cidre, alide, carte, acter, adree, aceto, artio, cielo, ariot, adret, altro, cedre, atoni, cairn, aroid, canot, cider, canol, acero, acrid, celer, canio, arcti, caroe, clean, acene, cerio, adore, anele, cadre, ceder, atole, aldro, alero, certa, ainee, adoni, arcot, artin, atend, carol, alete, areni, cilea, cinta, caldo, caere, cerne, canid, ceoil, atrio, atire, cerna, caire, areel, anole, canto, canet, arled, actel, alert, arild, andel, adorn, citor, alter, caret, artel, caled, caril, acorn, aneel, acned, claro, aolid, clane, cente, acoel, ceedo, arone, adeni, alire, carni, ailor, cante, cairo, cione, arced, aerdi, ciano, acier, alere, antic, citra, cerae, cinae, aerie, atler, artec, canor, adeno, caion, cinoa, ation, ciena, atene, adire, citro, cidra, certo, calne, cadle, clear, atric, cedit, ciona, arcee, aldie, arent, actio, anter, aitor, alcid, cilan, arlon, caito, alder, alred.

4 letter words made from declaretion:

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