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How to spell DECTION correctly?

If you're looking for the correct spelling of "dection", you may have intended to write "detection". This word refers to the process of uncovering or identifying something, often used in the context of finding and recognizing a problem or issue. Ensure accuracy in your writing by double-checking spellings or relying on tools like spell-checkers to avoid common misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell dection correctly

  • action Let's see some action on the field.
  • auction
  • decagon
  • decision We need a decision on this issue soon.
  • deduction I have to make a deduction from my income to cover my living expenses.
  • defection The king's advisors were nervous about the possibility of a defection.
  • dejection Her dejection was palpable as she slumped in her chair, staring blankly into space.
  • deletion The deletion of the file caused the program to malfunction.
  • demotion The employee felt betrayed after receiving a demotion from manager to team member.
  • depiction The painting was a very realistic depiction of the countryside.
  • detection The early detection of cancer can significantly increase a patient's chances of recovery.
  • devotion He had a devotion to the task at hand.
  • diction The writer's diction was so precise that every word served a specific purpose.
  • direction
  • faction The political party could not win the election due to the faction that split from its ranks.
  • fiction Some books are fiction, while others are nonfiction.
  • reaction The allergic reaction caused her face to swell up.
  • section Can you please hand me the sports section of the newspaper?
  • suction The dentist used a suction instrument to remove excess saliva during the procedure.

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