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How to spell DECUR correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "decur" include "decker", "decree", and "decor". However, it would depend on the context in which the misspelling was used, as these suggestions may not be appropriate in certain situations. The correct spelling should always be confirmed with a reliable source.

List of suggestions on how to spell decur correctly

  • cur That cur barks every night and keeps us all awake.
  • dear My dear friend, thank you for always being by my side.
  • debug I need to debug my code to fix the errors.
  • dec
  • decaf Do you have any decaf?
  • decal The car had a decal for a sticker with the word "Property of"
  • decatur
  • decay The decay of the uranium in the nuclear reactor was causing the radiation.
  • Decca The Decca Records company was founded in 1922.
  • deck The deck was covered in dark grime.
  • decker Your father is a tall, lanky guy - he's probably just like your uncle Decker.
  • decks You can use decks to play cards.
  • decor I love the decor in this restaurant, it's so chic and modern.
  • decors I changed the decors of my room to match the autumn season.
  • decoy The hunter placed a decoy duck on the water to attract real ducks.
  • decry Many politicians decry the use of fake news, calling for greater scrutiny of media outlets.
  • DECS The company offers a DECS discount.
  • deer The deer eyed me warily as I made my way through the forest.
  • deicer The airport must apply deicer to the runways before takeoff can commence.
  • demur
  • detour I needed to take a detour to avoid the busy intersection.
  • devour I will devour your soul.
  • dour His dour expression revealed that he was in no mood for talking.
  • ECU My engine's ECU is fried.
  • recur The same issue seems to recur every time we attempt to fix it.

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