Correct spelling for DEDIICATION

We think the word dediication is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for dediication

  • dedication Here is Her Majesty's dedication to me.
  • deduction Then you make no deduction?
  • deification But I should say, if you pressed me, that it represents to me the deification of beauty to the exclusion of all else.
  • depiction Among the relatively few pottery exhibits in the Museum of Delphi is a white-ground cylix and a depiction of Apollo; it was found in a grave underneath the Delphi Archaeological Museum.
  • desiccation As with other members of the genus Bacillus, it can form an endospore, to survive extreme environmental conditions of temperature and desiccation.
  • detection Turn to the work, and to the place referred to by the author himself, if you have a mind to see a clear detection of a capital fallacy of this article in his account.
  • education But what right had he, with all the advantages of youth, and health, and friends, and education, to require consolation?
  • medication In 2014, an estimated 272,400 medication abortions were provided in nonhospital facilities, representing a 14% increase since 2011.
  • Dedicating And it is delightful to hear Selden and Grotius, and Pascal and Salmasius, whom I may be allowed to quote, without being suspected of professional prejudice, as none of them were clergymen, while they warmly recommended to others that learning of which they themselves were the most astonishing examples, at the same time dedicating their lives to the advancement of religion.
  • Dedications Dedications are said to have been coeval with the days of his power.

452 words made from the letters dediication

3 letter words made from dediication:

ane, toe, ceo, nod, eta, can, ida, ate, don, tao, den, tea, tan, die, ice, ado, etc, tic, dot, aid, oat, dad, add, ent, aec, dia, nad, iii, ido, dat, cot, net, tai, doc, cio, end, ant, ded, ode, din, edd, ade, iod, neo, edo, dod, ddt, odd, tia, ted, oca, one, ain, tod, oed, otc, act, ton, nec, ten, ace, dna, cad, tie, cia, eon, tin, doa, tad, doe, nit, dec, ect, tec, eat, dit, not, ion, cat, ani, con, oct.

5 letter words made from dediication:

daten, daido, aidid, aoide, daito, canto, didnt, actin, dicto, dinde, nicad, cando, acned, indeo, ocain, idiot, dante, itoen, dinei, iinet, ecton, noded, icade, daden, aidoi, aiton, cinto, neddo, coati, iniad, teian, daini, adoni, danic, ciani, donta, aided, inetd, naide, canot, dande, denti, doten, addon, tocai, adeni, niota, addio, datin, tenco, doina, ditan, tondi, dodin, caion, einai, dinic, oncet, didao, octan, dendi, adeno, inadi, ndeti, dando, ndidi, tenia, nicot, indic, nitid, otaci, cotan, diode, caito, iodan, conti, intoe, cedit, aodin, diate, cided, canio, tanec, anted, toica, ionic, todea, danio, acide, tendo, conta, inced, iceni, teano, ticao, canid, eatin, tandi, aditi, aidit, diani, tonci, ation, addin, indec, noite, ionia, diaco, daiei, todde, anido, idite, edain, iteco, tined, todai, dieci, enact, ciano, adone, tiden, coden, nocte, diact, onate, dance, tonic, cient, odein, cione, canet, ocean, aceto, noted, citie, noica, oecad, iodin, cante, dotan, denio, atone, iaido, cioni, incae, caddo, einat, codde, ianto, tiano, nided, didot, deida, etian, tinea, acidi, caton, odden, coate, aidin, oaten, ciona, octad, canoe, etica, coted, ciena, tanco, cadet, dondi, aneto, naito, acone, tieon, anode, didia, toein, toned, tiida, tecno, atoni, tadid, tinca, toine, indie, ecoid, entia, teiid, antic, cinoa, didie, cnote, cinae, nicod, diena, taide, netco, eddin, iodid, iacon, dinda, dited, cinta, tiein, india, donde, ician, nidda, actio, tanii, didio, danto, atend, inite, otani, centi, ideon, dated, danco, edict, tinio, dicot, coade, nieto, oddie, idant, danti, nitai, natio, daoed, ontic, dindi, dedic, cotai, neato.

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