Correct spelling for DEDINITELY

We think the word dedinitely is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for dedinitely

  • daintily The hotel was full of summer visitors, and in her opinion the large dining-room with its Moorish decorations, the numerous daintily-spread little tables, and the fashionable well-dressed crowd who flocked in at the sounding of a gong were far more entertaining than a wood and a picnic meal.
  • decently Mr. Daly was convinced that no man or woman could bear decently a sudden success.
  • defiantly Their eyes had met defiantly, but, reading in the father's face the contempt that waited upon an unmanly decision, Boyd's pride stood up stiffly.
  • definitely "But I have done so-definitely," she said to some pleading within herself.
  • dental Formerly the sight of dental instruments struck terror in the heart of the patient Now, fear arises when few instruments are seen, as the more numerous they are and the more skilfully they are made, the assurance of less pain is given.
  • detente
  • detonate
  • radiantly
  • Verdantly
  • dentally
  • Dotingly

280 words made from the letters dedinitely

3 letter words made from dedinitely:

ent, edd, ded, enl, nee, tin, yet, ted, eye, ene, din, lye, lii, tie, lei, ddt, ley, let, dit, lin, lee, ltd, dle, led, net, nil, end, ten, lie, ney, die, lid, yen, tee, lit, nit, eel, den, dye, eld.

4 letter words made from dedinitely:

iddi, eile, lend, idli, tiny, diye, yien, tyee, dyed, endy, yeni, dent, liet, eddy, idly, deny, leti, tyed, eely, tide, inle, deed, teli, didy, idle, eini, eley, nied, eden, tile, deyi, nylt, teye, liny, enel, yeld, elei, tyin, dein, need, lent, lydd, tyne, idit, tidy, eien, line, ynet, yili, dine, tiel, tidd, nyte, yiin, edit, nile, edey, lini, lyin, enid, lint, tend, nidi, iten, dint, dedy, deli, dldi, lity, neel, didn, ided, eyed, lite, liye, dyld, lein, leit, dlee, nyet, tiye, diet, dyne, yele, inti, teen, ilet, tedy, edye, lind, edde, dyin, tine, dyen, lynd, yeed, lied, nele, leni, idil, neid, dyle, tied, teny, lyde, eeny, enyl, lien, ende, yeti.

5 letter words made from dedinitely:

idite, einie, neeli, diene, indie, yente, ended, dynel, deeny, leity, nitel, didly, endly, liein, nided, inite, indle, tiyin, nield, lindy, dindi, edney, elint, telen, tidel, elend, tiley, leint, yindi, didnt, lited, neeti, delen, deity, lyted, teeny, tinle, intil, edite, yendi, ndele, dntel, ylide, enide, denti, dinde, leidy, leyte, tiede, elide, liddy, dietl, iinet, tined, dente, liten, nitid, tiele, liden, ideye, diede, inlet, ndidi, neild, dited, dende, deley, leine, tiled, niete, leyen, lieni, lined, diele, ilyin, leedy, needl, elite, teiid, liney, eitel, dendy, yilin, niele, tende, lindt, diyne, enlit, leddy, leite, eddin, dendi, lenti, yedid, dinty, yelin, linty, tiene, teide, inetd, tilde, deely, tiein, endel, teddy, teyde, yield, lente, edley, deily, needy, ndeti, denel, ledin, deild, yitie, tynde, tiddy, ideen, leyne, dinei, didie, eiley, linie, tiden, yentl, linyi, deine, tidey, diety.

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