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How to spell DEEING correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "deeing" could be "doing", "dealing", "feeling" or "dyeing". The correct spelling would depend on the context in which the word was intended to be used.

List of suggestions on how to spell deeing correctly

  • dealing She is quite adept at dealing with difficult customers.
  • Decking The decking on the patio needs to be replaced.
  • deeding I am deeding the property to my children through a trust.
  • Deeming Deeming it necessary to take immediate action, the mayor declared a state of emergency in the city.
  • Deena I went to see Deena today.
  • deicing After the storm, the deicing crew was busy clearing the streets.
  • Deming Deming was a renowned consultant, educator, and author who is widely credited with shaping the modern business world.
  • DENG I always forget to take my deng.
  • Devin Devin realizes that he has been staring at her for too long.
  • dieting I have been dieting for three months and have lost 10 pounds.
  • ding She received a ding from her teacher for not paying attention.
  • Doing
  • Dueling Dueling was once a common form of resolving disputes between gentlemen.
  • dyeing
  • dying The flowers were dying due to lack of sunlight.
  • feeding The mother duck was busy feeding her baby ducklings.
  • Geeing
  • Heeding Heeding the warning signs, she decided not to invest in the company.
  • meeting I have a meeting with my boss at 3 PM to discuss my performance.
  • Needing
  • peeing I need to excuse myself for a moment, as I have to go peeing.
  • Seeding The seeding process of the lawn takes several days to complete.
  • seeing I'm looking forward to seeing you next weekend.
  • Teeing
  • teeming The population of chimpanzees was teeming.
  • Toeing I prefer to toeing on the waves rather than bodyboarding.
  • Treeing The coonhound was expert at treeing raccoons.
  • Weeding I'm going to start weeding my garden when the sun comes out.

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