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How to spell DEES correctly?

If you're constantly misspelling "dees", worry not! The correct suggestions for this common mistake could be "deeds", "deems" or "dies". Double-check your spelling to ensure your written communication stays error-free and conveys the intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell dees correctly

  • Bees Bees are important pollinators for many plant species.
  • debs I am attending the Debs dance with my friends from school.
  • DECS Designing chemical synthesis was a difficult DECS.
  • Dee Dee was very curious about what was under the bed.
  • deed I signed a deed to my house.
  • deeds He was known for his good deeds in the community.
  • deem I deem it prudent to take my leave.
  • Deems The judge deems the evidence presented insufficient to convict the accused.
  • deep She took a deep breath before jumping from the diving board.
  • deeps The deeps of the ocean contain mysterious creatures and unexplored areas.
  • deer I saw a deer running through the woods this morning.
  • DENS This band performs at dens in their hometown.
  • Dies
  • Does Does Sean have any plans for the weekend?
  • DUES The club reminded its members to pay their annual dues on time.
  • Dyes She dyes her hair every two months to cover up the gray.
  • Fees I will need to pay fees to enter the park.
  • GEES
  • lees The wine had a bitter taste from the lees that had settled at the bottom of the bottle.
  • PEES The dog pees on the fire hydrant.
  • sees He sees an opportunity to advance his career.
  • TEES I'm going to wear my new tees to the park today.
  • WEES

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