Correct spelling for DEFAUL

We think the word defaul is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for defaul

  • befall The senate, therefore, fearing lest some mischief should befall him, sent him ambassador into Asia, though there was no occasion for his going thither.
  • befoul Cases also occur in the tropics where the stag-head condition is due to the persistent roosting of frugiferous bats-"flying foxes"-which tear the bark and foliage with their claws, and befoul the twigs generally.
  • deaf 150. Deaf and Dumb: a group by Woolner, p.
  • deal 12,252. In what goods do you deal?
  • dearly "I should dearly love to play," Nance laughingly replied, "that is, if daddy will let me.
  • decal A decal is placed on the vehicles windscreen (usually the upper left-hand corner as seen from outside the vehicle), hence the inspection itself is colloquially referred to as "Pickerl" (literally: sticker).
  • deface Though the "Life Drama" itself is the merest cento of reflections and images, without coherence or organisation, dramatic or logical, yet single scenes, like that with the peasant and that with the fallen outcast, have firm self-consistency and clearness of conception; and these, as a natural consequence, are comparatively free from those tawdry spangles which deface the greater part of the poem.
  • defame Now Bandinelli, Vasari's mortal enemy, and the scapegoat for all the sins of his generation among artists, died in 1559, and Vasari felt that he might safely defame his memory.
  • default Athanasius himself took ship for Constantinople without waiting for the end of the farce, and the council condemned him by default.
  • defaulter The visitors looked as if they thought it would be of very little advantage to Dickey if he should succeed in finding the defaulter, and Dickey said, quickly, as if they had spoken their doubts,
  • defile "They were trapped in the defile-ten against two-but Selim got through somehow to make his reconnaissance, and they finished him off on the way back-though I don't think he left many behind him!
  • defiler
  • deftly
  • defy
  • dell
  • derail
  • detail
  • devalue
  • dial
  • direful
  • doleful
  • dual
  • fail
  • fall
  • fetal
  • foul
  • teal
  • tearful
  • Del
  • DEF YONG, adj. young, A 79, D 1251, F 933; Yonge, def. A 7, B 1834, E 777, F 54, 385; voc. B 1874; Yonge, pl. 5. 278, A 213, 664, 1011, D 1259.
  • EFL
  • TEFL
  • deafer For M. C-- went over to the enemy, and the chauffeur Newlands, confronted by two official adversaries in uniform, became deafer and deafer to my voice in his right ear.

76 words made from the letters defaul

3 letter words made from defaul:

eld, afl, lea, dal, fad, due, leu, ade, led, fda, elf, flu, lad, ale, fed, ufa, dle.

5 letter words made from defaul:

defla, leaud, deula, audel, laude, daule, ulead, fadel, flued, fulda, felda, dealu, fauld, flaud, duale, duela.

4 letter words made from defaul:

fade, daul, fale, lead, lauf, dalu, deul, lafe, leud, lude, dula, leda, duel, flue, laud, defu, delf, dale, fula, elua, dule, fuel, uale, feud, edfu, dual, lade, fudl, fuld, feld, flud, deal, flea, delu, leaf, ladu, auld, deaf, faud.

6 letter words made from defaul:

feudal, faudel, eadulf, feluda.

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