Correct spelling for DEFENALLY

We think the word defenally is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for defenally

  • Defence(Definition of defence)
  • For i am very selfish, you must know, sir charles-i have a better chance of hearing of my dear son at these head-quarters of the defence of england, than i should have even in london."

  • Defend(Definition of defend)
  • It is myself that i would like to defend, and i cannot.

  • Deferral(Definition of deferral)
  • Main article: men who have sex with men blood donor controversy the msm blood donor controversy in the united kingdom refers to the deferral policy of men who have had sex with men (msm) in the united kingdom who wish to donate their blood to the national blood service (nbs).

  • Diurnally(Definition of Diurnally)
  • This is supported by the identification of a number of diurnally migrating species from the stomachs of bigeye tuna and observations of close associations between bigeye tuna and the sound scattering layer both during the day and at night.

  • Diagonally
  • Take a square and cut it in half diagonally.

  • Defender(Definition of defender)
  • From this moment i accept the office you propose to me, and will be your defender and counsellor.

  • Terminally
  • In the united states, seven states allow what proponents refer to as medical aid in dying and opponents as assisted suicide, a practice in which a person who has been diagnosed as terminally ill with six months or less to live can request a lethal dose of a barbiturates to self-administer.

  • Definitely(Definition of definitely)
  • I dare not speak definitely yet-but i think she is going to live.

  • Finally(Definition of finally)
  • Finally i reached my landing.

  • Deftly(Definition of deftly)
  • He worked deftly, without undue fear or haste, and gaspar came back to look on with scared eyes.

  • Denali
  • The highest mountain in north america, denali, is in the alaska range.

  • Debonairly(Definition of Debonairly)
  • He took it politely and debonairly, as became a gentleman.

  • Divinely(Definition of divinely)
  • My grandmother, who was an erskine, you know, played divinely on the harp, and many of my ancestors, especially the dagworthys, were accomplished musicians.

  • Tonally
  • Boyd van hoeij of the hollywood reporter described afterlife as a "tonally impressive balancing act", and wrote: "indeed, the director's mise-en-scene, the visuals from poharnok, gyorgy palfis regular cinematographer, and the work of production designer lilla takacs are so atmospheric and precise that very often next to no words are needed to add humor or suggest character.

  • Deafeningly
  • Then on they went, crying, creaking, struggling, straining through the corridor, which echoed deafeningly, the gleaming crystals of those hard italian mountains in their winter raiment building a background of still beauty to the savage bacchanalian riot of the team.

  • Definable(Definition of definable)
  • The opening speech, which is in shakespeare's juvenile manner-an orotund, verbose manner, which perhaps he had caught from marlowe, and which he outgrew and abandoned-was thus utilised for displaying the character in a massed aspect, as that of a loathsome hypocrite and sanguinary villain; and, that being done, he was made to advance through about two-thirds of the tragedy, airily yet ferociously slaying everybody who came in his way, until at some convenient point, definable at the option of the actor, he was suddenly smitten with a sufficient remorse to account for his trepidation before and during the tent-scene; and thereafter he was launched into combat like a meteoric butcher, all frenzy and all gore, and killed, amid general acclamation, when he had fenced himself out of breath.

  • Defiantly(Definition of defiantly)
  • "and if you had the power, i would receive it," she defiantly responded.

  • Evenly(Definition of evenly)
  • The extreme neatness of her dress, the velvet boots, the lace collar, the shawl evenly folded and put on, all bore testimony to the solicitous care which modeste bestowed upon her mother.

  • Defense(Definition of defense)
  • The miner was kept on the stand as long as possible, in the hope the missing one might come, and then the defense had been exhausted.

255 words made from the letters defenally

3 letter words made from defenally:

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4 letter words made from defenally:

eley, feen, edey, lady, lyfe, yane, dyle, lnfa, yeda, lafe, aldy, flay, ladn, defy, lely, llyn, fell, elya, fyne, need, feed, yall, dell, dale, elea, leel, eden, lena, eyad, alee, feel, fend, flea, ally, ende, lynd, yeld, layl, alne, lele, enyl, lead, yeed, edye, naye, laye, elan, deny, eady, lane, fley, flan, fall, lean, land, eeny, dean, dlya, dayn, nayd, dane, enad, flee, nele, dyne, eely, yele, aden, leda, danl, eade, aney, lyde, daen, lend, endy, fale, anle, leyl, dlee, deal, enel, fade, yell, dyen, ayed, lade, feld, eyed, eday, deaf, lany, dyal, ealy, llay, yale, neel, delf, leal, leaf.

5 letter words made from defenally:

ealey, dally, fadyl, deley, defla, dylan, nadel, fealy, dynel, dafen, nealy, leafy, needl, elyan, falen, deyan, allen, delal, defen, yella, feeny, neday, landy, faley, felda, nayed, felly, fendy, ellef, elley, fleed, dyall, falle, fella, yelle, aneel, elend, ndele, edell, laney, llena, endel, fleay, fadel, laldy, delen, yelda, nalle, allee, deely, defea, aylen, fayed, feyed, anele, dalny, andel, dealy, edale, nally, elfyn, llnda, fally, faden, nedal, leedy, fandy, danel, layed, feela, leyen, delay, lefay, yaden, neafl, nayef, feyen, feely, edley, elfed, alley, endly, danly, fleel, denel, daele, fedya, delan, fayne, laden, leyne, ladle, deeny, ndlea, fanly, leale, eaned, edney, faned, ayele, lendl, lenel, yadel, neafe, felde, laned, fylde, eland, lafee, needy, aleye.