Correct spelling for DEFENDOR

We think the word defendor is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for defendor

  • Defector(Definition of defector)
  • The tiny island was landed only with the help of a defector who led ayscue and his men to land at oistins where they met with representatives of the island and signed what has become known as the charter of barbados.

  • Depend(Definition of depend)
  • Going to him would depend upon whether he wanted me, i said.

  • Defends
  • Index: f defends fort against iroquois, 319. bib.

  • Definer
  • Defended
  • In broken and halting sentences he defended himself and the people.

  • Defend(Definition of defend)
  • I saw that john could defend himself much better at the window than in the room.

  • Defenders
  • Its warm gleams penetrated the portholes of the fort and cast long bright shadows on the walls; but it brought little cheer to the sleepless and almost exhausted defenders.

  • Defending(Definition of defending)
  • I grant you, schinkenburg has a genius for defending market gardens.

  • Defined(Definition of defined)
  • The policy of the war, our whole future life, depend on a clearly defined idea of the end proposed and the immense advantages to be secured to ourselves and all mankind by its accomplishment.

  • Deafened(Definition of deafened)
  • Even as walsingham almost alone had suspected and denounced the delusive negotiations by which spain continued to deceive elizabeth and her diplomatists until the armada was upon her coasts, and denounced them to ears that were deafened and souls that were stupified by the frauds practised upon them, so did barneveld, who had witnessed all that stupendous trickery of a generation before, now utter his cries of warning that germany might escape in time from her impending doom.

  • Defender(Definition of defender)
  • In regard to the first position, it is well known that zeal is of love: nothing else is meant by being zealous, and acting from zeal, than acting from the force of love: but since when it exists, it appears not as love, but as unfriendly and hostile, offended at and fighting against him who hurts the love, therefore it may also be called the defender and protector of love; for all love is of such a nature that it bursts into indignation and anger, yea into fury, whenever it is disturbed in its delights: therefore if a love, especially the ruling love, be touched, there ensues an emotion of the mind; and if it be hurt, there ensues wrath.

  • Fender(Definition of fender)
  • No man in his senses would come to farlingford in mid-winter unless-" he broke off, with a sharp sigh, and glanced down at miriam's slipper resting on the fender, "unless he was much younger than i am.

135 words made from the letters defendor

3 letter words made from defendor:

ern, dod, nod, fed, edd, nee, fen, den, roe, fee, ene, doe, eon, for, fdr, ron, ore, foe, neo, end, ode, rod, one, edo, red, dre, don, odd, oed, ref, ded.

4 letter words made from defendor:

feed, dero, ered, dedo, doer, ende, fend, roen, deed, fond, reed, endo, deer, edde, ford, oder, orne, noer, done, enof, reen, dron, deor, reno, nero, fode, fern, redo, node, erne, fron, eddo, rend, feen, reef, need, rofe, freo, oned, eden, free, fore, nerd, ofen.

5 letter words made from defendor:

eofen, doren, freed, defeo, fedde, frend, nefer, ended, roede, erned, neddo, erode, dreed, refed, donee, drone, frede, defoe, fener, frene, dreen, nedre, defer, foden, dende, redon, endre, eddoe, doner, odder, noded, enero, donde, edner, defen, rende, reden, odeen, erden, roden, foner, fored, neder, dered, orene, onder, dreno, noder, foree, roded, nored, edern, frond, reded, dorne, feron, enfer, rodef, orden, odden.