Correct spelling for DEFFENITION

We think the word deffenition is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for deffenition

  • Defection(Definition of defection)
  • He was still stunned by anthony walrond's defection to the roundheads.

  • Defecation(Definition of defecation)
  • Colonic propagating pressure wave sequences (pss) are responsible for discrete movements of the bowel contents and are vital for normal defecation.

  • Definitions
  • It is perhaps significant that few exact definitions of continuity are to be found.

  • Redefinition
  • With the redefinition of its area of responsibility, the northern aegean naval command was renamed northern greece naval command on 20 july 1976.

  • Delineation(Definition of delineation)
  • Finding this, i had thoughts of changing the name in the present edition; but i feared the character being still identified with vincent, from its being fact that it was vincent who accompanied toussaint's sons to paris, and returned with the deputation, as i have represented; i think it best, therefore, to say here that, from all i can learn, general vincent was an honourable and useful man, and that the delineation of character under that name in my book is purely fictitious.

  • Defoliation(Definition of defoliation)
  • Bonsai uses cultivation techniques like pruning, root reduction, potting, defoliation, and grafting to produce small trees that mimic the shape and style of mature, full-size trees.

  • Detention(Definition of detention)
  • Whenever the inquisitors should be satisfied as to the heresy of any individual, they were to order his arrest and detention by the judge of the place, or by others arbitrarily to be selected by them.

  • Deflation(Definition of deflation)
  • As a result, from a prolonged decline in the asset prices, there was a sharp decline in consumption, which resulted in long term deflation in japan.

  • Definition(Definition of definition)
  • Kent smiled inwardly at the good lady's definition of "legal advice," but he rose promptly to the occasion.

272 words made from the letters deffenition

5 letter words made from deffenition:

doten, fonti, inite, teifi, feint, tonne, iodin, donen, eofen, denti, foden, noted, ndeti, ideon, nonde, tenon, enten, einin, entin, ified, notin, finot, odeen, ennie, neeti, endon, noten, fiind, onnie, tendo, enden, niten, defen, idite, defoe, fifie, infin, intef, inetd, indeo, enone, odein, tondi, edite, fined, offed, denno, fiene, indie, onend, denon, tiden, ediff, effed, inion, einie, tonen, niton, infit, toein, noite, onned, denne, denio, dente, fiend, donne, fetid, diene, enfin, ifnot, fedot, fiine, nieto, fonet, ntini, foind, innie, ioffe, defeo, ninti, tinio, fondi, toine, fenit, offie, dieof, fidei, tiene, donee, nitid, offit, deffo, tende, iinet, dinon, fideo, itoen, toned, enide, finno, niete, teide, idiot, tined, fitin, dinei, fendt, inden, tenno, tieon, fonte, fenin, fendi, teneo, innit, tiein, ideen, ennio, einen, finne, fenno, teiid, deine, tonin, often, einon, fient, finet, tiede, intoe, fenni.

4 letter words made from deffenition:

fifo, doft, tend, onen, idio, foie, fode, odet, enid, idit, dinn, tied, fife, ofid, node, tion, oned, nein, edit, todi, eien, dine, info, done, nodi, tone, inti, dint, toei, foni, fond, feio, enif, none, toed, tide, iton, nidi, feni, ftio, find, iten, fine, onne, fete, feed, eeto, endo, eini, efif, fief, odin, enof, tine, ende, tido, need, nied, finn, eteo, onni, note, niff, dent, neon, neid, doin, noen, eden, diet, nfte, iino, ento, nine, teff, itno, doff, toff, ideo, ofen, dote, font, deif, indo, feen, deft, nido, fend, fien, dein, nito, teen, fini, itoi, tiff.

3 letter words made from deffenition:

iod, nne, ode, eff, edo, fit, ton, toe, tee, tin, ene, ted, den, inn, nit, one, fee, ion, eft, die, nod, doe, ent, off, net, dot, neo, oed, not, eon, ido, tie, fin, nee, ten, end, fed, don, dit, tod, foe, fen, tnf, din, oft.