Correct spelling for DEFINICION

We think the word definicion is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for definicion

  • Defending(Definition of defending)
  • When they can no longer maintain themselves, help comes to the traitors, who are defending themselves bravely and selling their lives dearly.

  • Defiance(Definition of defiance)
  • Her eyes met his with something of the same defiance in them.

  • Defining
  • Left the north-west in 1812, and from 1816 to 1826 engaged in surveying and defining the international boundary.

  • Devonian(Definition of devonian)
  • The dry land thus depressed must, therefore, have existed, as such, before the carboniferous epoch-in other words, in devonian times-and its terrestrial population may never have been other than such as existed during the devonian, or some previous epoch, although much higher forms may have been developed elsewhere.

  • Evincing(Definition of Evincing)
  • He looked at her, but without evincing the slightest interest in her.

  • Defence(Definition of defence)
  • If all the food that is now being wasted could be saved and properly used it would spare more money, more ships, more men for the national defence."

  • Definers
  • Divination(Definition of divination)
  • By "intuition" people mean only cases in which the divination is correct; they forget the other, far more numerous, cases that are failures.

  • Definition(Definition of definition)
  • "i did not comprehend your definition of friendship.

  • Be-Draggling
  • Defines
  • And i believe you will always find, that just in proportion as preachers have approached that curious combination of excellences which whitefield possessed, just in that very proportion have they attained what clarendon defines true eloquence to be, viz.

209 words made from the letters definicion

4 letter words made from definicion:

feio, iced, cedi, fdic, fond, deci, noen, idio, nine, enid, docf, fini, nein, nido, odin, foie, inec, deif, foni, nice, nidi, fine, done, icon, neon, eini, doin, dine, oned, onne, coen, noce, node, neid, enif, feni, indo, endo, dein, ideo, nodi, cone, ofce, iino, fode, ofen, dinn, enof, coin, coif, dice, find, enic, fend, onni, finn, donc, code, conn, oncf, iiie, nied, none, onen, cenn, cefn, info, ofid, once, fien.

5 letter words made from definicion:

fenin, fidei, innie, dieci, fondi, iceni, donne, fenni, indeo, indic, foind, donen, onend, nicod, inden, endon, fonic, finci, fendi, dieof, denon, enfin, ennio, ionic, nonde, nicen, fiind, nonce, conen, finno, fined, necon, einin, conne, fenno, infin, foden, ified, cione, ifoce, nicon, fiine, cioni, indie, denno, onned, indec, einon, cenon, dinei, nicin, fedco, iodin, fiend, fideo, inion, finne, dinic, onnie, dinon, coden, denio, inced, odein, ecoid, ideon.

3 letter words made from definicion:

nod, inn, con, fin, neo, ice, cio, edo, ceo, iii, dec, fen, ion, ido, eon, end, ecf, doe, fed, iod, ode, foe, nec, one, nne, oed, ifc, den, doc, die, din, don.

6 letter words made from definicion:

ndiefi, indeni, cofide, feonic, inicio, finnic, coeini, encino, cineon, fonned, condie, fennic, indien, finnie, fecond, endino, eifion, donein, fencon, indeno, nodine, ficino, indone, onedin, iodine, ondenc, foined, confen, dinino, defino, deific, donini.

7 letter words made from definicion:

confidi, confide, infonie, infonde, inconie, inciine, indocin, edicion, confine.