Correct spelling for DEFINITING

We think the word definiting is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for definiting

  • Defending(Definition of defending)
  • I suppose i should take my story to the judge advocate; but i am convinced you are defending an innocent girl, and this information may help you to clear her.

  • Defecting
  • Definite(Definition of definite)
  • His air was so definite that i paused and even inclined my head for a moment towards it.

  • Deflating
  • Definition(Definition of definition)
  • This verbal definition, suggested by the term, is too narrow, since luther's "haustafel" is designed "for various holy orders and estates," magistrates and pastors included.

  • Delineating(Definition of Delineating)
  • Defeating
  • Deviating
  • Feinting
  • Be-Draggling
  • Denoting
  • Defining
  • The following passage was afterwards cited by the globe as defining its position: in offering a few remarks upon dr. wiseman's production, we have no intention to discuss the tenets of the roman catholic church, but merely to look at the question in its secular aspect.

  • Definitive(Definition of definitive)
  • The principal articles of it were, that, until the arrival of some definitive instructions on the point from castile, the city of cuzco, with its territory, should remain in the hands of almagro; and that hernando pizarro should be set at liberty, on the condition, above stipulated, of leaving the country in six weeks.

  • Denting
  • Decanting

150 words made from the letters definiting

4 letter words made from definiting:

finn, dine, neid, nfte, gift, dint, gefn, degn, feni, feig, giti, fend, inge, iiie, gied, fine, fien, gien, iten, tine, enid, deif, dein, genf, find, nine, diet, ding, ntgf, tied, engi, dinn, tend, nige, enif, inti, tide, edit, fing, ting, idit, eini, nied, nein, ning, gent, nidi, iing, deft, nget, dent, fini, ingi, egin.

5 letter words made from definiting:

ningi, genin, feign, fetid, entin, finne, ntini, intef, fetig, gitin, inden, fenni, fendt, tinge, innie, inetd, fidei, negin, ingen, tengi, enfin, dinge, teiid, nitid, fitin, einin, tiein, degni, iding, tieng, feint, tined, idite, dieng, getin, fiind, fendi, infit, ngiti, inite, dinei, niten, teifi, fiend, fiine, finet, teign, indie, innit, tiden, fined, ginde, denti, tegid, ndeti, ified, iinet, digit, fenit, ninti, deign, infin, gendt, fient, fenin.

3 letter words made from definiting:

fin, dig, net, gen, end, iii, gin, die, tin, get, fen, din, fig, ige, fit, tnf, ted, igd, inn, fed, nig, tie, nne, ent, teg, eft, dit, ngf, nit, ten, den.